Banner ad networks have been around for some years now and are one of the preferred ways used by bloggers and internet marketers to monetize their blogs and websites. Recent studies show that bloggers engage more with banner ads that any other media advertising tools. This explains why most companies continue to rely on this strategy. The following are the guidelines on how you can generate money out of these marketing campaigns.

Content is the king

If you want to make passive income over the internet from banner ad networks, you need to establish trust with your site traffic. Therefore, your blog or website should offer unbiased and useful information. This will make visitors spend additional time on your website and thereby providing you with more views. This is an essential metric if you want to get good click through rates. If visitors get low quality content on your site, they will leave your site and that will be the end of opportunity with the banner clicks.

SEO friendly content

Other than the amount of time your visitors will spend on the site, their number is equally important. Some of the banner ad networks will offer you pay per impression rates. Therefore there is a need to work hard to increase number of visitors coming onto your website. It is possible to increase amount of traffic by ensuring your site ranks high on the popular search engines. If your site is ranked on page number of search engines on profitable keywords, they you are assured to get targeted traffic.

Offer advertising space on your website

After getting continuous traffic, you need to create spaces where you will place banner ad networks. It is advisable to share your traffic information with the potential advertisers in order to spark interest in running campaigns on your site. You also need to join the right ad networks. It is advisable to choose those that offer you pay per impression or pay per click. In addition, the ads running on your site should be related to your site content.

Choose how the ads will appear

All the ads from your banner ad networks should be placed in a way that causes minimal interference with the normal operation of the site. You should avoid annoying your website traffic. Therefore, you can place them at top, bottom, or right side of each page. In addition, you can choose the pop-up ads. This will allow you adequate space for the site content.

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