Banner ad networks are one of the best ways of monetizing your website and make extra cash online. Many ad networks offer a “pay per click” banner option that send people to another site when visitors click on the banners. If you have a good amount of traffic on your website, you can expect to earn a fair amount of money when visitors click on your banners. This is because advertisers are eager to place their ads on busy web sites. The trick for the web site owner is always in getting the traffic, and getting it consistently. This is why it is important to always have quality content on your site that attracts a specific type of audience.

In banner ad networks there is usually a hosting server that counts the number of clicks your ads has generated from your site. If you are passionate and hardworking, you can create a good quality website with some valuable information and apply for banner advertising from any one of the top ad paying networks in the world.

Most banner ad networks feature both pay per click and cost per click advertising opportunities or a commission of the products bought through your website banners. If you enjoy writing about the things you love or a particular topic, you can create good content that can be posted on a website that is mainly set aside for generating income from online advertising. The best ad networks that you can sign up for includes Google ad-sense, Bidvertiser, Chitika and Yahoo ad Network. These networks offers a banner advertising option for webmaster to use in their websites. When you sign up for one of the network, you get a banner code that is in form of HTML or iFrame format. When you add the code to your website, it displays an image where visitors can click on it.

Most banner ad networks have a customization page where you can choose the size of banners to display on your website. Every ad network has its own formula of determining the pay rate of the clicks generated from the ads in your site. The money you earn per click is also determined by the source of traffic that visits your websites. A websites that receives traffic from countries such as US, UK, Canada and Australia gets better pay rates than a websites that receives traffic from low income countries.

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