We’ve tested lead magnets and found several consistent qualities of the really successful ones.

And while your lead magnet does not need hit the target for every one of these criteria, the more you can achieve, the better.

One Big Benefit: Your lead magnet should deliver one big thing to your subscribers, rather than a bunch of smaller things.

For example, instead of offering the big encyclopedia of internet marketing, you might offer the one breakthrough method that netted you $143,548 in 6 months, or the one traffic trick that sent 54,032 targeted visitors to your site last month.

Specificity: The more specific your lead magnet promise is, the better. The promise should be compelling to the people you are targeting.

Notice in the examples above we didn’t offer to show them how to make money – we offered to show them how we netted $143,548.

And we didn’t offer a traffic method – we offered a method that drove 54,032 visitors in one month.

The End Result:Your readers are searching for a specific outcome. So the question is, does your lead magnet get them closer to achieving that result?

For example, if they’re looking to get their child into college, you might offer a calculator that shows them how much they need to save each year, based on the child’s current age.

Relationships Building: Your lead magnet should set you or your business up as the authority they can trust.

This is easy to do if you’re giving them great content that solves an immediate problem they have.

Instant Gratification: Is your lead magnet delivered immediately? It should be.

They opt into your list, and the next page tells them to either download it or check their email for the download or access link.

High Perceived Value: While your lead magnet might only be a PDF or a video, the content itself should be immediately valuable to the new subscriber.

If it’s something they would willingly pay for, then you know you’ve hit the mark.

Fast Consumption: Your lead magnet should be something that can be consumed in 20 minutes or less. Here’s why:

When you set up your entire funnel, it will hopefully consist of a lead magnet, followed by a small (trip wire) offer for a low price.

If they take this trip wire offer, you’ll immediately make your core offer.

If they take the core offer, you’ll immediately offer your big ticket item.

For example, you offer a free lead magnet on one easy trick to curb procrastination.

You follow this up with a $7 eBook on 7 methods to get more done in less time.

Next is a $47 offer to forever curb procrastination in 30 days.

And finally you offer one-on-one coaching for $300 on how to use all this new found time to create a bigger, better, richer life.

Do you see why we want them to consume our lead magnet fast? We want them to use it, love it and want more. That way when we immediately offer more, they’re ready to buy.

Delivering Your Lead Magnet

If you don’t already have an email service such as Aweber or GetRepsonse, you’ll need to do this now.

If you’d like to start for free, try Mailchimp. Their smaller plan is free and you won’t pay until you upgrade later.

ConvertKit is a new email service to consider, and bloggers love it for how easy it is to initially set up as well asto segment your lists.

Your email service will provide opt-in boxes that you can place on your website in various places, as well as creating a landing page / squeeze page.

If you do have a website of your own, place your lead magnet in the sidebar, after each post, in the header or the Hello Bar,as well as a Pop-up Opt-in such as OptiMonk or OptinMonster.

Next month we’re going to go indepth on how to create a great landing page that gets you plenty of subscribers.

After all, even if you have the world’s best lead magnet, it won’t do you any good if you can’t properly articulate the value to your prospects so they sign up onto your list.

The month after that we will show you how to get all the traffic you want from Facebook.

Putting these three modules together, you will be able to go into any niche and create a hot lead magnet, create the squeeze page that will gather people onto your list and drive as much traffic to that page as you want.

You can then send these new subscribers through your sales funnel, as well as continuing to market to them through email.

Finally, in month 4 we’ll show you how to monetize your new funnel with a tripwire offer, a main offer and a big ticket upsell item.

See you next month!

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