Buyers no longer depend on what the advertisers and marketers are asking them to buy. Today’s buyers are conscious individuals who are well aware of what they want, how they want, what they are willing to do for it and whether they will benefit out of using the product or service. If you expect to inform your buyers about why they should invest in your product, then you are fighting a losing battle. With so many online channels of interaction, buyers are not interested to know the mere “why” of a product. They want to know what difference it will make in their life. As such it becomes more and more important for online marketers to adhere to the buying trends of the consumers. Don’t forget that it is the consumer’s world and online marketers are just living in it.

CTA or Call to Action has to be natural and not forced

If your blog or website content ends with “Click here for more information” or “Sign up here” – it immediately rings a warning in the buyers mind. they associate these done to death call to action as spamming tactics. Instead of clicking on the link, they will avoid your site like plague. As per CTA placement test, the call to action segment should be inserted in that area of the webpage where the buyer’s eye will wander on its own. Research shows, buyers check the left hand side of the webpage first before rolling their eyes over the webpage in an “F” style. As such your call to action has to be placed in one of th ese areas so that it does not look forced upon.

Pop Ups and slide in forms placement vital

Pop ups have been maligned in the last few years because they disrupt the users attention. But when used in the correct fashion they are quite helpful. If you still have doubts whether you should resort to pop ups and slide in forms, well the answer is yes, provide you offer some interesting information to the user of the site. If you have an e-commerce site, go for a pop up that will give a better deal to the buyer. It should be placed in a way so that when the user is scrolling down the page to collect more information about the product, similar relevant information should appear on the pop up. Instead of an useless information, the user should find the pop up useful and responsible.

Sync your old blog posts with the new ones through the use of anchor texts

Anchor texts are a great way to boost both the posts. But, you have to do it in an attractive and clever fashion. Don’t just insert an anchor text for the sake of it. Using an anchor text at the end of the write up is quite common and appears like a forced ad. In most cases it becomes a white noise for its blandness. On the contrary place the anchor text in the middle of the write up. make the text attractive and informative. If your company deals with cv writing, insert a text in the center of the write up asking the readers to download attractive cv templates. It will have a better impact and a desired result.

Supportive content for new launch information’s

When you are publishing information about a new launch, support it with relevant information. Post other related contents on the products, benefits of using them or go for interesting infographic and creative videos. Buyers love to check out information that is engaging. You can resort to Instagram to inform buyers about the new launch. Let the vibrant images with attractive content cut the deal for you.

Strategic use of Social media for lead generation

Nothing helps you to connect with buyers the way strategic social media interaction do. You can opt for online contests, games through the diverse social media channels. Highlight your company’s social activities; tie up with Ngo’s, setting up of schools, hospitals through social media. When you convey your contribution towards the society, it touches the right chord of the buyer which leads to lead generation.

Try out these steps today

If you wish to bring about the change and see higher conversion rates for your website, it is time that you try out these top 5 measures.

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