One minute happy, sad the next. However, before you know it, you’re back to the state of happiness.

Being uncertain of the future brings feelings of excitement, worry, hesitation, and joy which almost always inspire strength and creativity.

When the rug is pulled out from under your feet, you feel scared and lost at first, and then you eventually realise that you can actually create something under the new circumstances at hand.

So the demise of Magento Connect, everyone’s favourite destination for reliable extensions and other eCommerce solutions, shouldn’t be perceived as a bad thing.

Besides, how can that be bad when all of its products are going to be passed down to the eCommerce platform’s new marketplace like family heirlooms?

I’m pretty sure that you lost something very valuable at some point in your life, and felt like you were on the verge of losing hope. But, for some reason, you managed to see a silver lining in the situation.

A phaseout results in an upgrade

Time and time again we’ve seen companies close down and products phase out, only to be reborn into something much better than what came before them.

The death of Magento Connect gives birth to the second generation extension marketplace.

Like its predecessor, it boasts thousands of extensions, themes and other eCommerce products, only it has a nicer layout which presents products in a more comprehensible manner.

With over 1,500 extensions, Magento Marketplace serves as a reliable partner to online merchants as it could help in different areas of their stores.

Whether it’s for managing your inventory and listings, creating email and marketing campaigns, or providing payment and shipping options, your new go-to extension store definitely has the product that you need.

Get a more satisfying experience

If you’re among those who have used Magento Connect before, you can be certain that its successor offers a better experience.

They brought the best products into the said extension store to ensure the satisfaction of their customers, if not exceed it, and then they organized these into categories.

Let’s say you’re looking for an extension that provides comprehensive payment options, go to the Payments & Security category.

If you’re in search of a tool that will help you reach potential customers through various channels, it may be accessed through the Marketing tab.

Not only do you get an overview of a product and its features, but you also get to see the star ratings and reviews left by other merchants who have actually purchased and used it.

Magento saw to it that your previous purchases appeared on a single page so that you can easily manage your extensions.

There’s really so much to explore in the Magento Marketplace which, by the way, also includes a section that is dedicated to the contributions of extension and theme developers to the Magento community.

If you’re among the many who are impressed by these enterprising developers without whose expertise none of the massively used Magento extensions would’ve been realised, you surely wouldn’t want to miss their stories.

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