The Mobile Ad space has grown haphazardly in last few years and if we go by the recent predictions made by Gartner, the Ad market is expected to shoot up to $41.9 billion by 2017, out of which the maximum revenues will be roped in through display formats. While it is video that would witness the highest growth. Interesting isn’t it?

Today, we thought of dedicating this article to bring forth the types of ad campaigns offered by some of the Best Mobile Ad Networks and App Marketing Agencies. In order to make it even more informative, the research was carried out on features based on three different categories:

Below is the list of types of Ad Campaigns based on Ad Format:

Banner Ads

Mobile Banner ads are one of the most common ad formats offered by the mobile ad networks. These are the ads that show up either at the top or bottom of the app screen. Banner ads are capable of communicating in no time hence it is essential to make sure that the ads are effective enough to convey the message.

Interstitial Ads

Interstitial literally means in-between. Interstitial ads can be placed between the transition points in the app. It could be during the launch, during the completion of levels if it’s a gaming app or as video pre-roll. They are comparatively more intricate and tend to be full-screen ads.

Video Ads

As we discussed in the beginning, this ad format has the maximum scope of flourishing in the future. It is because videos turn out to be interesting and catchy for the viewers.These are the typical short video commercials promoting a product that show up in the app.

Rich Media Ads

Rich Media mobile ads tend to provide the best user experience to the users through multimedia experiences that is more than just displaying text, animations, pictures or videos. These Rich Media ads convey information much more effectively compared to the conventional banner ads. Moreover, the additional multimedia elements makes the ads even more attractive and catchy. Hence, it results in high conversions, click rates and engagement.

Push Notification Ads

Push Notification ads are emerging as one of the best marketing tools today. According to Responsys research, once the user has opted to download an app, 68% prefer receiving push notifications from that particular app.

App Wall

App walls are basically single in-app interstitial made up of multiple apps and ads showing at the same time. Implementing an app wall in the app can generate substantial amount of revenues. However it is essential that the apps shown are relevant to what users are willing to see.

Reward/ Incentivised Ads

Reward based ads aims to present the users with coupons or other offers for downloading the apps or for in-app activities. These ads make the apps and especially the gaming apps even more interactive by incentivising the users for their in-app achievements. It also makes an effective way of increasing app engagement.

Home Screen Icon

By integrating this ad format, a promoted icon shows up on the home screen at the time when the user downloads and installs the app.

Let us go through this list of Ad Campaigns based on Pricing Models:


CPI that is Cost Per Install provides a great benefit to the developers where in they have to pay a certain amount only when the app is installed by a user.

Offered by: AdMob, mMedia, Adfonic, Chartboost, Aditic, Admoda, Flurry AppSpot, HUNT, Inmobi, Jumptap, Madvertise, Mobfox, Mobpartner, Mopub, Mojiva, Smaato


CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand Impressions is a model where the developers are suppose to pay a certain amount for every one thousand times their ad is displayed.

Offered by: mMedia, Adfonic, Admoda, Flurry AppSpot, HUNT, Inmobi, Madvertise, Mobfox, Mopub, Mojiva, Smaato


CPC is a popular model that has already been exploited heavily by the web advertisers. Cost Per Click model is similar to CPI model. A set price is to be paid every time someone clicks on the ad.

Offered by: Chartboost, Tapjoy, Flurry AppSpot, Kiip, Mobpartner, PlayHaven, RevMob

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