Outbound links are links from your website to another site somewhere else on the web. But are they good for your website?

Your website is the heart of your business online, and you work really hard to pull in traffic from your social media accounts and other places from your mailing list to your site. Your website is one place where you can actually sell to people. So, you don’t want to be pushing people away from your site and driving a lot of traffic out to other sites.

Ironically, that is why outbound links are good for your website. Search engines don’t just use the keywords that you’ve sprinkled through your pages to decide that you’re going to be a relevant or good result for their searchers. Search engines use a whole multitude of other criteria for search results. They are always looking to provide quality search results. This is how search engines stay in business.

One of those criteria that search engines use is actually looking at outbound links. They are looking if your pages have links out to other websites and if these links are of high quality.

If you’re linking out to some spammy website, you are actually hurting your own site much more than helping it. But if you’re linking out to a reputable site which is a large site that has a lot of traffic, providing good and useful information, and is relevant or related to what your site is all about– that’s what search engines are looking for.

By linking to related and reputable websites, your site is telling search engines that it is helpful and useful to their searchers. This shows that you are linking to your sources, references and extra background information. This is helpful to your readers. And anything that you’re doing to be helpful to your readers makes your website rank higher in search engines.

When you are doing outbound links to another site, try to make these links open in a new page. That way, when people do click on it and go away from your site, your site is still open in their browsers; you have not entirely lost them, they can still come back to you.

One of the ways of improving your website with outbound links is to sprinkle your pages and blog posts with special kinds of outbound links to related and reputable sites.

It is not a good idea to have outbound links to your own social media pages. You are trying to draw traffic to your website. Sending your readers off to your social media pages is a big distraction to your business. It is very likely that within that session, they’re not going to come back to your website. It is okay to have ‘follow’ or ‘like’ buttons on your website as long as they don’t take your readers off your site.

Outbound links help improve your website by drawing in more people and prospective customers. Always check if you are linking out to reputable or spammy websites as this could either help or harm your business.

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