If there’s one skill you should be working on to become a better and more profitable email marketer, it is copywriting. Yes, you heard that right. You should be working on your copywriting skills. No, that’s not just about writing long sales pages and even if you’re hiring that out to a professional copywriter, you can still greatly benefit from paying attention to copy and getting better at it. Here’s why.

The money you make from your online business and your emails, the first thing that needs to happen, is that your readers have to open your emails. Let’s get real here for a minute. It’s no longer a given that your subscribers will open your emails and read them. Instead, you have to earn that open. Don’t believe me? You can either take a look at the open rate stats for your emails, or just look at your own email inbox. How many unopened emails from others do you have in there right now?

I think I’ve made my point that you have to earn that open. And the way you do that is by writing good subject lines. You also do it by developing a good relationship with your readers so they look for your emails and are ready to open them. In either case better copywriting skills will help you.

They will help you craft subject lines that will make even a casual subscriber open and read your emails. And once that happens you have a chance to build that deeper relationship, using your copywriting skills to communicate well with your audience.

Once you get them to open your email and start reading it, you have to get them to click on your offers to get a chance at making a sale. In other words, you have to make a good offer and more importantly, craft a strong Call To Action.

A call to action is a piece of copy, or a paragraph if you prefer that asks your readers to click through and take a look at an offer. Here’s an example of a simple call to action.

Click here to learn more and to get your copy of (Product XYZ).

That’s a super simple call to action, but it illustrates what makes a good call to action. It’s specific, and tells your readers exactly what you want them to do. The better you get at writing CTAs that convert well for your audience, the more click through you can generate from your email messages. That of course will lead to more sales overall and more profits for your business.

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