A major question lies at the heart of search engine optimization, and it is one that even the most tech-savvy individuals find themselves asking. Should I hire someone to implement SEO into my website, or should I do it myself? This question does not have one simple answer. However, if you’re willing to learn SEO strategies while taking the time to find the best resources available, you can become your very own SEO expert! The key here is that you must have the drive to succeed, and, perhaps more importantly, a willingness to learn. Implementing SEO yourself can be a great endeavor, as it opens the doors to success.

If you have owned a website for any length of time, then you should be aware of the number of visitors you receive. This number of visitors will increase once you implement the right SEO practices. So how do you do this? For starters, you must understand the tools of the trade. One of the more popular SEO tools of the trade is WordPress. WordPress is free, and the only things you will need to buy to use it are a domain name and a web hosting plan, both of which are relatively inexpensive if you know where to look. You have two main options when it comes to using WordPress. You can use a paid or free WordPress template, or you can opt to hire a web design company.

The reason why we must recognize WordPress as an important aspect of implementing SEO yourself, is because of plugins. Plugins are tools which you can install on your web site, and they make the implementation of SEO much smoother. There are some great plugins that you must have to get started. Yoast helps to guide you in optimizing your chosen keywords. It helps you in your quest to find the best way to use the keywords within the site. Site speed is another important plugin. Google uses a website’s load time to help it rank the site. Nobody wants to open a website only to wait for extended periods for a page to open. If you want to increase the speed with which your pages open, then install a plugin called Quick Cache.

Another major aspect to implementing SEO strategies yourself is to develop links. Links to other websites provides you with much more exposure. Beware of sites which require you to pay for ads or links. Automated programs and other spam only serve to discredit what it is you’re offering to the public. Additionally, you stand to receive penalties or a lower site ranking over time. Establish legitimate links to other sites by contacting web site owners. You can strike up great relationships with others and help one another to see an increase in profits. Volunteer to help busy business owners with blogging or other aspects of their site. They may reward you by providing you with a link. The more legitimate the site, the higher the web traffic for you to tap into.

There are, of course other ways to get started in SEO if you are uncomfortable with doing it yourself. Learning more about how SEO works is the primary step to seeking fulfillment through achievement. Visit SEOmoz, which is a blog and SEO toolkit rolled into one! Their beginner’s guide is extremely helpful, and it might help to alleviate any concerns you have before getting started. DistilledU is an SEO school which provides information for beginners and professionals. Use these resources to help you get started, and you can see where the development of quality SEO can take you!

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