Your message series should share some really good content and should contain information that can genuinely help your subscribers. For example, if your subscriber joined your list in order to learn more about traffic generation, then your message series should contain information about how to generate more traffic. You could include different ways to generate traffic in each message to keep your subscriber anticipating your next email.

Of course, you will want to create a more in-depth product about traffic generation that you will promote to your subscribers. The secret here is to send good, quality information through your messages that will leave your subscribers wanting more. And of course, you will offer them your traffic generation product that does exactly that!

Here are a few things you may want to include in your message series:

• A series of articles about different ways to generate traffic;

• A short PDF report that goes into more detail about a specific traffic generating tactic;

• A video you’ve recorded that shows how to use a specific tactic to generate traffic;

• An audio recording that talks about how to generate more traffic;

• A short workshop on traffic generation. This could be a live workshop or a recorded one.

When creating information for your subscribers, always focus on building a relationship. Ask yourself ‘What information can I create that will help my subscribers with their business or with what they want to achieve?’ No, you will not get any immediate sales by following this plan. However, you will be building a relationship that will create a list of raving fans that will eagerly purchase from you in the future.

You want to create high quality, helpful content and to give it to your subscribers for free. Your main objective should be to get your subscribers to anticipate and READ your next email as they know you will supply them with the information they want.

Your message series should be never-ending. As soon as you finish promoting one product, continue the entire series with content and promotional emails related to the next product you are creating.

Do count your newsletter as one of your content messages even though it is not included in the message series. You would send your newsletter followed by another content message. Then a promotional email followed by two more content messages. Next you would send out a promotional email.

PLEASE NOTE: Since you will have subscribers who joined different lists, not all of your subscribers will be on your newsletter list. In the very first message in this series, you may want to offer them a subscription. Only send your newsletter to those who are on that particular list.

If you want to send out more promotions, you could include a PS at the end of your content messages which promote a product. Just don’t use any pressure! Your subscriber wants information, not to be bombarded with sales messages.

Here’s an example:

Your Name
P.S. For more information about (the subject of your article), you may want to check out (product name and link).

Or you could use product reviews as both a content and promotional email. You would write an honest review about a product and then include your affiliate link at the end of your message.

PLEASE NOTE: Since people downloaded your ‘ethical bribe’ for information about a problem they want to solve, the first few emails in your campaign could expand upon a subject you talked about.

Only expand on one or two topics. Tell your subscriber they can read more about whatever subject the ethical bribe is about inside it. And of course, you do not want to expand too much as you want your paid product to be the final solution.

Keep in mind that 95% of the people who downloaded your ethical bribe will never actually read it or read it in its entirety. So by sending them more detailed content, you will reinforce their desire for the information you will be sending them and for which they downloaded your ethical bribe in the first place.

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