Autoresponder emails are basically marketing emails that are automatically sent out on a predetermined schedule. Someone who joins your subscriber list today gets the same first email in a series as someone who joined your list last week.

These messages can be educational, market your products or promote products or services from other businesses.

Your First Message

When using email marketing, relationship building is very important. Generally people need to get to know you before they’ll buy something from you. Write a series emails to guide and inform your email subscriber. It typically takes about 7 to 10 messages before a person will commit to making a purchase.

Your first autoresponder email is a welcome email. This is the email people will receive after signing up. If you offered a free download in exchange for their email address, include it in this message.

Next, you might send some information and a soft sell. The next few emails might have a harder, more direct sales message.

Your Autoresponder Schedule

There’s no right or wrong answer as to how frequently you should schedule autoresponder emails to go out. You might want them to be sent more frequently in the beginning when people first join your list. Then, you reduce the emails to one or two a week.

Remember to take into consideration how often you plan to send broadcast emails. A broadcast email is one that you send out to your entire subscriber base, irrespective of when they joined your list. You don’t want to send a deluge of emails that include broadcasts and those that go out in accordance to your autoresponder schedule.

How Many Autoresponder Emails Should You Send?

In your first one or two emails, you want to fire the emotions of your reader and make them see that they really need a solution to their problem. Then, in the following few emails, you can continue to stir those emotions and make a soft sell for a product or services that will solve that problem. Your final email in the sequence can be a more direct sell of the product with a call to action.

This puts the product in front of people multiple times. You’ll get higher conversion rates with this strategy. Test different sequences and different ways of presenting these sequences to see what will work best for your audience.

Fine-tune Your Autoresponder Emails Over Time

Autoresponder emails are very effective because you can load up your sequence and just leave it, letting it provide value to your audience and make sales for you. Remember though to keep your autoresponder emails as evergreen as possible so they’ll always be relevant and you may need to tweak some emails over time to ensure that they are still relevant.

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