E-newsletters are fantastic for keeping your customers up-to-date with special offers and new developments. They land directly in your customers’ inboxes and can be personalised too. Best of all newsletters enable you to find out more about your customers because there are tools that allow you to see who has opened and forwarded your email, and what they’ve clicked on. A great newsletter will help to establish your brand and build a loyal following. Here’s how to do it:

What’s in it for me?

That’s the question your readers will be asking. A good newsletter provides quality content that gives advice or information readers can use. Make-up ideas, recipes, gardening advice – whatever is relevant to your brand. Aim to send three articles like this for every one sales piece.

Do you know your audience?

Is your typical reader going to be scanning your newsletter on the train or reading at leisure from the comfort of their sofa? If you know this, you know how much detailed information to include.

How enticing is the title?

It’s vital that the subject line is intriguing as well as recognisable to readers. Will a short, sharp line be effective or will your readers respond better to a lengthy, detailed subject line? Think about which key words are most likely to entice your readers by using a split-testing method. For keyword ideas Google Econsultancy’s 152 Killer Keywords.

Will you show consideration or pay the price?

Before someone signs up for your newsletter tell them exactly how their data will be used and how often the newsletter is produced. Give them a chance to customise how often they receive your newsletter so that it is always welcome and never a nuisance. If they can customise they are less likely to unsubscribe.

Have you evoked the senses?

Use images, animation and video to grab your readers’ attention, motivating them to read on. Here are 25 examples of GIF animations used in email marketing: https://mailbakery.com/blog/25-excellent-examples-of-gif-illustrations-in-email-marketing-the-sequel/

What do you want your readers to do?

Your newsletter needs a clear ‘call to action’ which stands out. Do you want your readers to ‘shop now’ or ‘read more’? Think about the wording, colour and position of your call to action. What will work best? Neuralab offers great advice: https://www.neuralab.net/best-newsletters-with-call-to-action-cta-examples/

Ultimately, consideration for your audience is what makes a good newsletter a great newsletter.

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