Email marketing is all about profiting from the emails you send to your subscribers. Before that can happen, you have to work links for offers into your messages. This could be offers for your own products or affiliate offers. No matter what you decide to promote, you have to work those links into your various email messages that go out to your subscribers.

Here are five different ways to work them in. Which method you chose depends on what you’re promoting and on your niche. Some niches lend themselves to strong solo emails (internet marketing comes to mind), while other niches and their target audiences respond much better to softer sales methods. Pick and choose what works best for your audience.

Link To Blog Posts That Discuss A Product

One of the easiest ways to “soft sell” a product is to link to a blog post where you discuss the product. For example, you could link in your emails to a blog post where you review the product.

Casually Mention A Product In Your Email And Link To It

Another great option is to casually mention a product in your email. For example if you’re writing an email about keyword research, you could mention that Wordtracker is your favorite keyword research tool. Then just make “Wordtracker” a clickable link that of course uses your affiliate link. [Link to Wordtracker with your affiliate link]

Include An Offer With A Strong Call To Action

If you want to make a stronger offer, include a call to action in your email. Using the keyword research example from above, write your email about the topic and then end it with a message that asks readers to click through and sign up for Wordtracker. You can include the CTA at the end of your email, or anywhere within the main body of your email. Consider reminding them to click through and buy in the P.S. of your email.

Sponsored By Messages In Your Newsletters

If you are publishing a weekly or monthly email newsletter, you can make an offer for one of your own products or something you’re an affiliate for and call it a “sponsored by” message. For example, your weekly marketing newsletter could be sponsored by Wordtracker. This could be a simple note somewhere in your newsletter, or a small advertisement in each issue. It’s another way to include a sales message without coming off as too pushy.

Write A Solo Email

Last but not least, you have the option for a hard sell with a solo email. The sole purpose of that message is to sell a product or service. As with all of these emails, your offer could be any of your own products or those you are an affiliate for.

Solo emails are a great way to make sales, but they aren’t something you want to use in every single email you sent to your list. Instead use them when you have a great offer that you know your readers will love. Use marketing in your other messages using the other methods outlined.

Mix and match your emails using a combination of content and offers and you’ll do well. While you don’t need an offer in every single email you sent to your list, work them in as often as you can. Get your readers used to offers and get them in the habit of buying from you

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