FUFISM = Functional User Friendly Integrated Social Media.

FUFISM is a philosophy that should be applied by management to ensure that social media is utalised in a constructive way to integrate your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategies into your total marketing strategy.

This is no easy task since most marketing managers do not have a clear understanding of the term SEO and what it really means.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the collective online effort of your entire marketing team to ensure that your pages are indexed in search engines in a manner that ensures that you get qualified visitors who are looking for your products, services or related information.

So how do you get qualified visitors?

You get qualified visitors by ensuring that your desired target market is well defined, and that very person in your marketing team has access to a set of written definitions of each of your target market groups along with the service / products which you would like this group to be exposed to. This list needs to be shared with everybody working on your online information, along with a list of predetermined key words that should be applied to any copy that this target market group is exposed to.

To accomplish this rather tricky task of ensuring that everybody who is involved in preparing any online information for publication and consumption by your desired target market,is not an easy task.

Your marketing management needs to hold regular meetings with the team leaders. These team leaders all need to be at the same meeting, and they need to share a wide variety of information, statistics and statistical analysis about the success of their individual strategies, showing how their teams input has influenced the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) of the various different strategies involved in promoting the company, it’s products and it’s services.

These different strategies are divided into a few groups, and the list below is a guide showing the main divisions, which could be divided further if needed.

Your Information Technology (IT) team also needs to come to the party with their statistical analysis of visitors to your different

Your IT team needs to be able to separate where the online visitors came from, and show which marketing strategy influenced these visitors to your pages showing which pages were most visited and link them to the different marketing strategies. This can only be accomplished if your marketing is co-ordinated and managed in an integrated manner, and your target markets are used consistently across all platforms with a common set of key words.

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