Reading emails is the number one activity online. More than 90% of people online send or receive emails, in contrast to some 80% who use a search engine and just over 60% who use social media. Marketing professionals still agree that email marketing is more effective than any other marketing technique.

So how can you use email marketing to boost your business?

1. Use Reliable Email Campaign Software

Effective email marketing comes from using reliable email software called an autoresponder. Your autoresponder collects the email information of your prospects and sends them information. It can manage multiple customer lists and send out several messages at different times. It will keep track of who you send emails to, what the subject line was, the body of the email, open rates and click-through rates.

2. Get The Attention Of Your Readers

Be consistent in your email messages. Write an attention grabbing subject line and only talk about a few key issues in your email text. To gain the trust of the potential customers, your content should be genuine and well written without any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Don’t clutter the email with links to lots of other sites, products or services. Keep the flow steady, tight and well focused.

3. Don’t Trick Your Readers

Don’t trick people into opening your email with ‘clickbait’ subject lines like “Your Email Account Is About to Get Terminated” or “Congratulations, You’ve Won!” Not only does this make your audience lose trust in you, but sometimes it could risk you getting marked as spam. Be honest about what your message is about in the subject line and email text.

4. Understand You Audience

Are your email messages too casual? Are they too formal? Are you using the appropriate tone? There’s a fine line between being too relaxed and too formal. To some degree, the culture of your business will determine the amount of formality required. When in doubt, your email marketing strategy should strive for a tone that is professional, yet conversational. One easy way to achieve a conversational tone is to use word contractions, for example: you’re, he’s, she’s, don’t, etc.

5. Make It Easy For People To Unsubscribe

Your email should be friendly and provide appropriate information to your reader. Nobody wants to buy anything from a pushy sales person. However, if your reader decides that they don’t want to receive emails from you anymore, allow them to easily unsubscribe. If you make it difficult, they will start to resent your emails and they will certainly never buy from you.

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