I am frequently asked, “How do you search for keywords?”

There are several ways, but I will share with you the method I use. Doing it like this, you will end up with a collection of phrases that will allow you to build a solid online business that you will love, that will set you free allowing you to reach your dreams.

The biggest tool I use is Google. Sign up for a free Google account and you will then have access to the Google keyword tool at no charge.

Enter any term you think you might like to build a site or site page around and the keyword tool will deliver the number of monthly searches worldwide for that term.

What you will likely find is that many terms get many searches, but the more intense the searches, the more competition you will have. This will make it especially difficult for a newbie starting off.

Here is a hint for you. The keyword list will show hundreds of possible permutations of the term you entered along with their respective search volumes.

You will find that the lower the volume, the longer the search phrase. For example, I just entered the search term “flowers”. The results show that there are about 823,000 searches worldwide per month for that term. It also shows that competition is very high. You would have a tough time carving yourself a niche in this subject.

From the same list, I found the term “roses” and found that it is searched for about 110,000 a month worldwide, but that the competition is medium.

From the “roses” list, I chose “rose varieties”. The results show that the term is searched for only 880 times per month, but the competition is low.

This would be a great starting point. Do you want your site to be around the theme of rose varieties and have little competition or do you want to take higher demand with its higher competition?

This process works whether you are thinking about any subject from raising rabbits to selling multimillion dollar medical imaging equipment.

This information will help you get started in your search for keywords.

The information below will help really nail down which keywords are your best bet.

Do an ordinary Google search on the terms you are considering. Look at the first page of the results. Count how many advertisements there are all around the page and see how many are doing affiliate marketing..

This is a good sign. A page with many ads means that people are buying. A really good indicator of how stiff competition is for a term is to do a Google search exactly as follows: intitle:”your keyword phrase” intext:”your keyword phrase” inanchor:”your keyword phrase” inurl:”your keyword phrase”.

This will yield a number in the top left of the results page. That tells you of how serious your competition is. It varies, but for myself any term that has more than 5000 or so serious competitors I stay away from.

By repeating the above process over and over again, you will end up with a list of good keyword phrases that should be easy to dominate and that’s how you can make money online. If the phrases are long, that’s perfectly alright.

A phrase like “how to care for climbing roses in Canada” might get little demand, but the people searching for that term are very interested in a site catering to it.

That’s when you can cash in!

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