There are a lot of ways to resell your SEO services without paying too much money for it. However, many entrepreneurs and business tycoons think that outsourcing SEO service is very expensive, but this is far from the truth. The money you spend on SEO and Internet marketing should always be treated as an investment and just as any other investment there should also be a clear ROI.

There are chances that you can resell your SEO and lose money when you are hiring any wrong firm, when you don’t aim for the targets and when there is no aim what online position you want to achieve for your business. In order to succeed in SEO, you are advised to have a long term plan with set targets. It is not like any other outsourcing job where simply the outsourcer comes in, perform the job and goes.

If on the other hand, you resell your SEO services to a reliable SEO company and set the targets with proper observation in the place, then the benefits to your business are far more than the investment made.

Let’s see how to resell SEO properly so as to get the results back as you want.

Find an authentic SEO firm

The success of your SEO completely depends on the outsourcing firm. If you make a good choice then it is certain that you can get some good results. When choosing an SEO firm don’t always look for the low-budget solution. Stay away from those companies who promise first page rankings. Instead of believing in their fake promises, ask for their prior work and the results and most importantly, ask them to make a custom proposal or package as per your needs and requirements.

Look for complete online presence not just SEO

SEO is not just about SEO! Exactly, hiring an SEO firm indirectly means to the online presence of your business. This means, SEO is just only a part of an Internet marketing campaign and there are more over and above optimizing your website for your search engines.

Your outsourcing firm should be capable of managing your social media, PPC campaign, email marketing, etc. Like they should be able to make a recommendation of how all these technologies can help you grow more. All these technologies will give you a good ROI and not just buy cheap spam links.

Set measurable targets and make an action plan

Before signing your contract or reselling your SEO services, you have to ask the company that at the end of the projects what would be their deliverables: a complete report with a list of actions, more traffic, better Google rankings, large no. of social media followers? Never set non-measurable targets and don’t be agree on general terms.

Ask the company to do an SEO audit of your project to make an action plan. What are the actions to be taken each month and what are the expected results?

Keep your budget low but long-term

Good results in SEO may take a number of months and sometimes even a couple of years, so it is advisable to lower your monthly budget and spread it over a number of months.

At the end, the best way to approach this is by discussing it with your SEO expert company to whom you’re reselling your SEO services. They will be able to identify better what are the tasks to be executed and how they will produce beneficial results.

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