In a fierce and competitive world of online marketing, an active and engaging mailing list is very important for keeping your place in the market.

Yet, according to various sources an average of 60% of lists are “dead” email subscribers. This lack of engagement means you’re missing out on a lot of potential sales.

So, how do we fix this?

Below are just a few ways to go about re-engaging your list so that you can improve your sales.

1. Make sure your emails are relevant.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with emails each day. In fact, a recent study by the Email Stats Center sates that the average subscriber receives 11 commercial messages each day by email which is a lot.

So, in order to engage your list and increase your success rate, you must provide relevant information, based on the interests your subscribers provided when they signed up.

2. Don’t be afraid to cut your list.

Keep track of your clicks, open rates and conversions.

If your results show that some of your subscribers are not interested in your content or what you have to offer then remove them from your list. By keeping them on, you’re not only wasting your money but your resources too. Like the old saying goes “quality over quantity”.

3. Survey your list.

The best way to find out about what your list likes or how they think of you is to simply ask them. Asking a questions goes a long way in determining how to solve a problem. Not only will asking a question help re-engage your subscribers but it will make them feel important.

4. Get in a habit of building a relationship with your subscribers.

A common mistake people make with their list is when they consistently send them a sales pitch asking them to buy this or that instead of building a relationship with them. This sales technique is not effective and will not re-engage your list.

In order to re-engage your subscribers and increase your sales, you must build rapport and trust with them first.

How to build rapport and trust?

– Send them useful and relevant information related to their interest.
– Offer them freebies
– Offer them exclusive discounts

Once you give them something of value, pitch your sales offer in a subtle and genuine way.

5. Include calls to action.

Another way to engage your customers is to include a clear and simple call-to-action button that says something like “start your free today”. Not only will it help you increase your sales but it will help you separate those who are interested in your offer from those who aren’t.

6. Finally, don’t go too crazy with email.

Don’t overwhelm your subscribers with 10 emails a day because that’s just asking for trouble. Try limit your broadcasts to a maximum of 5 quality emails a week.

By doing all the thing above, you will not only re-engage your list but you will improve your sales and success.

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