There are a number of ways to promote your website and create an email list. The people who will view your website need to spend time on it as the information it features is of value to them. This will often direct them to be a subscriber. This means they will agree to accepting you emails. But how do you create traffic to your website and get these subscribers?

Creating traffic to your website requires that you advertise that it exists. This can be easily done. You won’t require a billboard or a mobile sign. You could have a thousand business cards made up featuring your website and the product you are selling. Then you could go door to door leaving potential customers with your business card and a testimonial about the fine product your company is promoting.

You could also have one page description of your product printed and then post them in various places such as grocery store bulletin boards and even on telephone poles at busy intersections. These are great ways of getting free traffic to your website so that potential customers can consider buying your product.

Of course you will have to create a website. This actually can be done for free. There are a number of companies that will allow you to create a blog for free and you can feature the product anywhere on what you have created. Of course there will guide lines you will have to follow. You need to come up with original content and be able get your message across in well written manner.

You could also promote your product by writing articles. These companies will allow you to write articles about something related to the product you promoting. Please understand it has to be related to the product you are promoting and not a direct sales pitch. Therefore you will not be able to directly market your product. You will be allowed to direct the readers of your article to a blog or website that will direct your potential customer to the direct sales pitch. This actually turns out to be in your favour as these articles will be featured on Google because of their original content. As a result you article will create traffic to your blog or website. Traffic to your website or blog will be key to your monetary success. So creating original content for your articles and the website that your article directs them to is very important.

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