The best place to start generating free website traffic is from the pages on your website using some basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

Onsite SEO is the most important component of search engine optimization. It relates to the content on your website, internal website links, navigation, page design, keyword density and any pictures, video or audio on a webpage. Here are a few basic onsite SEO tips to help you to generate free website traffic.

What Are Your Keywords?

To obtain information from the millions of website pages on the internet, a search engine uses special software robots, known as spiders, to create lists of the words from website pages.

The words that you want those robot spiders to collect from your website are the keywords that somebody will type into a search engine when they are looking for the products or services that your website business provides. The easier you make it for the search engine spiders to examine your website, the better your search results will be.

Page Titles

The title of your web page is the first component of your onsite SEO. This is one of the first places that a search engine spider will check when it crawls your website. If your page title matches a search query, you’re going to get ranked higher in the search results.


The next step of your onsite SEO is your headings. Use appropriate keywords into the heading and the subheadings on your web page. By using headings you are showing the search engine spiders that these words are relevant. They recognize this and rank your site appropriately.


Tags are like sub-headings but are created in a different area on your webpage, not within your main content material. If you are using WordPress you simply add them in to the correct location before publishing. By way of example, if your page was about home-based exercise, appropriate tags could include Yoga Exercise at Home, Home Workout Routine, Home Treadmill Machines etc.

Regularly Update Your Website Content

Remember that search engines want to provide their users with the most up to date information possible. Even if your onsite SEO is fully optimized fro all your webpage, if you never update your website content it may be considered old and out of date. If you do not regularly update your website content it is doubtful that you will get a good search engine listing with your keywords which means you won’t get any free website traffic.

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