You’ve spent your hard-earned money to get traffic, get people to opt in to your landing page, and then check out your website. But how do you monetize from people who did not immediately buy your offer?

A big mistake a lot of online marketers make especially new ones, is not following up with their list. Or if they do follow-up, most are trying to push the product or service constantly only to make a sale. If you work your list properly, it can be a great source of income without the hard sell.

So how do you follow-up with your list effectively so you can make money?

• First, get an autoresponder that meets your needs/ size of your list and make sure it is set up properly.
• Test the Emails, see how it would look to the prospect and make sure the links work.
• Make sure what you are promoting fits the list you have. You don’t want to promote monster trucks for example to people who are interested in gardening.
• Make your Emails easy to read and understand. Don’t confuse your prospect when they read your offer. If they are confused, they won’t buy and in some cases, they won’t even finish reading your Email.
• Use an Email swipe file (if the program or company that you are in has one) or learn to write effective copy for your follow-up Emails.
• Offer content filled Emails that have a lot of value, do this often, such as: how to videos, free training manuals, or simple strategies they can use to build their business. Don’t always push the product. This helps to build trust; they get to know you better, and are like to buy from you again.
• Vary the length and frequency of the Emails. Sometimes you’ll need a longer copy to promote your product, other times you won’t. Also, don’t send out 5 Emails a day either. People are bombarded with Emails, so if you’re constantly sending out Emails just to try to sell them something they may get irritated and unsubscribe.

By doing a couple simple things you can follow-up with your list no matter what the size and follow-up when you want. Once your list knows who you are and they trust you, they’ll continually purchase from you and you won’t have to constantly be looking for new sources to make money, simply start with your list.

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