You’ve spent time putting together the perfect email to a client. You can’t just end it with a “~” and your name. well, you could, but it wouldn’t be advised. Your email deserves a finishing touch–something with as much thought as the content you so carefully crafted. So what to do? Below are a few tips on how to create an email signature:

Keep it Short. Limit your email signature to your contact information. Don’t over think it so it contains just the information the email recipient needs to reach out to you.

Keep it Neutral. Try to avoid adding religious passages or controversial sayings. Your faith is as important to you as your recipient’s faith is to him/her. Try to refrain from adding a pithy thought about local or national politics. Staying neutral makes you appealing to a wider audience.

Get Social. Add your social media channels with links to your profile or page. Clients may want to thank you by posting on or liking your Facebook page. Or tweet out a recommendation.

Create a Call-to-Action. A call-to-action prompts your recipient to do something. Whether it’s to call you, book an appointment or attend an event, always include a call-to-action. A great call-to-action is a link to an online scheduling tool. Your recipient can book a meeting without having to pick up a phone or send another email. Calls-to-action are a must have in an email signature.

Add an Image. People remember visuals better than text so add your picture or logo. Research shows that color images are more memorable than black and white. And make sure the logo or photo is of high quality and appropriate. A fuzzy logo or a photo of you saluting a glass of wine would not be appropriate and extend the professional brand you hope to create. Your visual is as important as the content of your email signature so make sure it’s high quality.

Be Consistent. Copy and paste your email signature into your online marketing campaigns. By maintaining consistency, you will leave a lasting image and will continue to build your brand. When prospects think of you, they will recall your signature, your brand.

Combine a short, neutral and consistent email signature with the social links and at least one call-to-action, and you’ll have an elegant, professional email signature that is sure to give your email the proper send off it deserves!

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