Google Analytics has become very much popular among the businesses that are on the look for tracking the traffic coming towards their website. It also helps them analyze how their website is performing among the website visitors. Thus this tool allows website owners to understand whether their website is providing the best experience for the website visitors or not.

Here is how an account can be created in Google Analytics.

Navigating to Google Analytics Website

Website or mobile app tracking

Navigate towards the top of the page and choose buttons that help you choose among either a website tracking or mobile app tracking.

Add account information

Users will have to provide some basic information to Google as a means to create a Google Analytics account.

These are the basic information that has to be provided.

Additional Details

Other details that has to be included in creating an account include,

Here is how a tag can be inserted within the websites using Google Analytics and help the website owners to start monitoring the results regarding how the website is performing among the site visitors.

Tag insertion in websites

You will receive analytic reports after 24 hours and thereby can start monitoring the results

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