When people feel like they’ve connected with you, they’re more willing to buy from you because they’ve learned that they can trust you. Email marketing is an effective way to connect with your readers and build that trusting business relationship.

Personalization and Business Balance

It’s impossible to send an individual email to each person on your database. You need to invest in email marketing software, often called an autoresponder, that will automatically personalize the email with the recipient’s name and then will deliver your message to them.

When you send out your emails, you’re going to want to have a balance between personalization and business content. Have the recipient’s name in the greeting and then personalize a few lines after their name.

Time For Business

Then you can talk about the reason for the email. This part should be in the middle of your email. You can talk about the new business product you’ve come out with or a review of someone else’s product.

Remember to be yourself as you’re writing your emails. Write like you were sending it to a friend. If you wouldn’t send an email to a friend, don’t send it to somebody on your list.

Personalize, Business, Personalize

If you have a lot to say in your email, use bullet points or a numbered list to make it easier to read. Don’t forget when you’re writing the email to include the links they’ll need to the product or review.

After you’ve finished dealing with all the new business you want them to know,end the email with one more bit of personalization. You might sign off with something like “Going to try watch my favourite TV show now!” or, “Hoping to get the work done so I can go out and enjoy the sunny weather!”

If this were a formula when you use email marketing to connect with your audience, it would be P-B-P: Personalize, Business, Personalize.

Autoresponder Software

An autoresponder automatically responds with an email when somebody signs up to get your newsletter or free e-book. There are two types of emails your autoresponder can send to build a relationship with your audience. These are follow-up emails and broadcast emails.

Follow-Up Emails

Follow-up emails are a pre-written set of emails that load into your autoresponder. These are important because you want the person who joined your list in September to be sent the same helpful information as the person who joins in December. All of your new subscribers will get the emails in the order that you want them received.

Broadcast Emails

Broadcast emails are sent to your entire list irrespective of when they signed up to receive information from you. This type of email usually deals with subject areas that are current, like a sale or time sensitive special offer.

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