Take a minute to think about how frequently you check your own email, compared to checking social media or using a search engine.

Reading emails is the number one activity online and email marketing is the most effective marketing technique. Your customers are checking their inbox every few hours, every hour or even every few minutes! And what a difference it will make to your business if they are opening and reading messages from you.

Start An Email Marketing List

When you start an email marketing list, it will become the most valuable asset of your business. Your list is made up of people who have willingly given you their email address because they want to hear more from you. They want your messages in their inbox.

When it comes to building an email marketing list, a lot of business owners who are new to email marketing think that they can just buy a stack of email addresses, send an email, and watch the sales start coming in. But this rarely works. It’s not because email marketing doesn’t work. It’s because that strategy doesn’t work.

A Solid Email Marketing Strategy

When you receive an unrequested email from somebody you don’t know, do you click on it and do business with that person? Chances are you probably don’t. That’s because people don’t buy from people they don’t know.

How To Build An Email List For Marketing

To start an email marketing list you firstly need email marketing software, generally known as an autoresponder. It will enable you to automatically obtain, send, manage, track and organize your email subscribers.

These are people who have joined your email list because they want to. They want you to send them emails because they want you to help them solve a problem or make their life better. How do they know this?

Offer Something Of Value For Free

Your autoresponder will enable you to easily create an opt-in box to put onto your website. This is the box where people enter their email address to join your list. People won’t give you their email address for nothing, so you have to offer something that they will want in exchange for their email address.

This could be a free report, eBook, video tutorial, newsletter – anything that your target market will want to get their hands on. You can set up your autorepsonder to automatically send this freebie when somebody signs up to your list.

Now you have their email address you can email them whenever you want. But don’t go in for the hard sell too soon! Take time to build up a relationship with your subscribers so that they come to know you and trust your opinions. That way, they’ll be far more likely to actually buy from you.

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