The main concern for every business, regardless of whether they are online or offline, is to continually build a list of emails addresses. Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies that has ever been created. The people on your email list are your past, present and future customers.

But those people need a reason to become one of your subscribers. Here are some proven tactics to help you grow your email list.

Content Upgrades

A content upgrade is offering additional information, for free, that goes with the content your audience is currently reading on your website. It could be a checklist, eBook, report, video or anything that requires an email address to obtain access.

Put Up A Content ‘Gate’

If you already provide a great amount of free content and have a high number of repeat visitors who aren’t on your list yet, add a pop-up form that gates your content. Again, the access to more content can only be gained by the submission of an email address.

Giveaways and Discounts

You can grow your email list by offering rewards to your current list members. Offer a free gift or discount on their next purchase in relation to the number of referrals they provide. This type of offer can also be passed down to any new member signing up for email updates.

Make Your Email Opt-In Form Obvious

Put your sign-up forms on every page of your website and make the buttons large and attractive.Don’t be scared about asking people to sign up for your email list. Keep in mind that you are offering your audience an incredible amount of content for free to help them with their problems.

Use Action Words on Your Opt-In Forms

If your email opt-in form reads “sign up” or “submit,” you need to modify them right now. Create with some better action words to get your audience to act. Tell them what to do, why they need to do it, and how it will solve their problem.

Don’t Ask For Too Much Info

If you ask for too much information from your audience to sign up for your email list, that may turn them off. It obviously depends on your specific audience more than the standard practice but, in general, all you really need is a name and an email address. You can gather more information from then once they have joined your list.

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