While your website is a public platform for you to write on, an email marketing message is a more private communication. You’re connecting with individuals who specifically joined your email list because they are interested in your products and services.

But having an email list of subscribers is worthless if you can’t communicate with them and provide them with the right content. Here 5 ways you can do email marketing that will get you results.

1. Have An Effective Subject Line

Almost one third of emails get opened because of the subject line alone. If your subject line doesn’t make the reader interested enough to open the email, nothing else matters. Make your subject line specific, keyword rich and something your audience will want to open and read.

2. Make It Easy To Read

If somebody has opened your email mainly because of your interesting subject line, you need to keep their interest. Use short paragraphs with relevant copy and bullet points so that people can quickly scan the content. Write using short, to the point sentences. Use less words, smaller words and words which are easy to understand.

3. Make It Personal

Your email marketing message should be written as if it was going to one person. You want to be seen as a person they can trust. The key is to try to engage in the conversation that is already taking place in their head. The more you are able to do this, the more engaging your content will be. Always remember that your emails should be about the subscriber and the customer. Concentrate on referring to them as ‘you’ and sharing with them how your email content can benefit them. Don’t mention what’s in it for you.

4. Have A Call To Action

Every email you send should result in some sort of action. Whether it be visiting a particular website or making a purchase. Always be clear about what you want your subscribers to do. Also, make sure links are always blue and place those links early on in the email, not below 500 words of text

5. Don’t Just Use Email For Selling

Don’t just use your emails to sell. For instance, send your subscribers recommendations and guidance that will help them to put your services or products to their best use. Provide your email subscribers with something that nobody else is getting just for being a subscriber. That will make them feel special. People love the feeling of membership and exclusivity.

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