It is safe to say that if you fail to recognize the importance of quality SEO work then you are setting yourself up for failure. However, many people are concerned about their ability to implement great SEO on their own. So how do you go about hiring a great SEO expert? The first step in this process is to ask questions to help you to determine who is the best professional to hire. The way you conduct your online business and the way your website reaches a broad audience are important factors to ensuring long term success. Here are some factors and fundamental questions you should consider before you make your hire.

Quality content and the manner in which it is presented is the first thing you should address before you make your hiring decision. Establish a criteria for your content expectations and make sure that your SEO expert is willing to meet those expectations. You know your website much better than anyone else, so communicating this clearly is paramount to your future success. The process of simply attaching irrelevant or faulty links to your website is not an effective way to establish your site’s ranking, and it can lead to unfortunate credibility issues. SEO experts who place an emphasis of link building over great content should be avoided at all costs.

Take a select group of SEO experts and pose the same questions to each one so that you can get an accurate gauge for their willingness to recognize your vision. You are not hiring someone to completely change your message, and they should be willing to listen. Ask the SEO experts about what they feel is the fastest way to generate links. This is a great test to use to determine who does great work, and who does not. SEO personnel who are poor choices will quickly suggest unethical methods such as spamming. They might even suggest pay for ads options which simply serve to force people to view your services as opposed to searching for them on their own. Even if you know the best ways to build links, the answers you receive to this question can eliminate the dishonest experts.

Another step to separating quality SEO help from frauds is by recognizing that many of them operate off of manipulating social media. Many people sell links and Facebook or Twitter followers as part of their services. Achieving links manually, or as most refer to it, organically, is by far the best way to establish links to great websites. Again, quality content wins out over suspect practices any day. Great content from your site will inevitably be shared on other great sites if it is unique and engaging. This adds organic links to your website and allows you to establish meaningful and progressive relationships with others. If your selected SEO expert places an emphasis on quick fixes, then it is best to look elsewhere.

One of the final things to consider when hiring an SEO expert relates to who actually conducts the work on your website. Scam artists will advertise services, and then do the minimum requirements to make it look as if they are working on your site. The more information you can collect regarding a potential hire, the better. Ask them for their full name, a contact number and access to any social media accounts they might have. This allows you to weed out poor choices because SEO experts who fail to provide this information usually have something to hide. When you ask the right questions you can ensure that the choice you make is the right one.

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