Targeted email campaigns are still more effective than any other marketing technique. But to be effective, you need people to sign-up to your email list. And they way you do that is with an email opt-in form.

This is the form where a person enters their email address and clicks a button to join your list. If you’ve been using the same email opt-in for a year or more, there’s a chance that you need to develop, renew or change it. So how can you get more out of your email opt-in form?

Offer An Appealing Lead Magnet

People are not going to sign up to join your email list unless you give them something of value for free. This is called a lead magnet and can be a checklist, report, eBook or anything that has value and you can send them quickly when they sign up.

Don’t Ask For Too Much Info

Some audiences don’t want to fill out a long form to get the freebie that you’re giving away in exchange for their email. All you need is their email address and perhaps their name. You can use email messages and other means to get more information over time.

Make Your Opt-In Form Stand Out

Some people are quite shy about their email opt-in forms and freebies. They hide them in the sidebar of their website and nobody ever sees them, since there is nothing that stands out about it. These days, there is a lot of technology and apps that you can use to generate email opt-in forms that truly stand out.

Target Your Email Opt-ins

Email marketing success happens when you have a targeted email marketing campaign. Every segment of your audience won’t be interested in the same lead magnet. Don’t just offer a general freebie for everyone. Have different lead magnets on different pages, like a checklist or eBook, based on the content they’re reading on a specific page.

Liven Up Your Subscribe Buttons

Don’t just say “submit” on your email opt-in button. Say something that really impacts your audience with the significance of signing up. What will they get if they sign up? “Get more good news everyday” looks a lot better than “Sign up here” on a button.

Review Your Opt-In Copy

The lead magnet you offer for free in return for someone’s email address is as important as your products. When you think of your free checklist, report, eBook, video series etc a product, you’ll see that you need to sell it just like you do a paid product. Tell your audience why it’s beneficial for them to sign up and what they get when they do.

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