Online shopping is an ever-evolving phenomenon in this digitized era. A significant proportion of world’s retail trade and transaction happens online now. The competition in the online eCommerce sphere is getting fierce. But, what worries the retailers or shop owners most? How to spur up the rate of conversions and get more sales end of the day? There is a great rift between the marketing and sales in eCommerce. The higher number of regular visitors do not necessarily assure you of higher conversions or sales until and unless there are some deadlock measures to retain and turn the visitors into confirmed buyers. So, this article is a quick guide for all online businesses out there who hope to increase the number of visitors get converted.

Following the below persuasive tricks are not only cost-effective but is also applicable to any eCommerce site, irrespective of the platform it is built from.

Flawless product presentation allures buyers

Either it is about the product images or the description, you need to be utterly careful about their clarity. High quality, high-definition images, from various angles, and that is zoomable are a must. Technically, minimal or no product descriptions but clear images can do wonders for an eCommerce site with! But, that is not at all recommended as customers do look for features, specifications or uses of the products, besides their outer appearance.

Customisation can cause better conversions

Buyers like to personalise the stuff before they buy. While it is like a fun game to them, it lets a feeling of ownership over the product. They can order to buy the stuff just in the colour or form they want. So, letting the options to buyers to configure the products criteria, can actually get you more buyers because people may not find a stuff personifying their specifications in other stores.

Deals and promotion page is a direct conversions booster

A confined page for availing deals and discounts works excellently in retaining the visitors and persuading them to buy. Show them what offers you have, codes to apply on the home page and then redirect them to the page to avail that. This is perhaps the best way to keep customers glued to your site and coax them to keep coming back with new offers.

One-step checkout is a must

It is a true fact that many leave your site because you offer them long, step-by-step and painstaking checkout process. Honestly, none have the time for that. To prevent customers leaving your site further, retailers need to integrate the minimalistic one-step checkout or guest checkout process. Ask for only a few necessary details and do not keep login a mandatory step for the new visitors.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

This is an effective way to get back all those who visited your site, placed order but left the cart unchecked. Reason can be anything. Prices may have soared high due to surcharges for shipping, taxes etc, or the buyer changed his mind because he thought of getting better purchase offer somewhere else. To end such abandoned cart issues, retailers can send a recovery/reminder mail along with personalised offers on the same products.

Moreover, this strategy works well in increasing conversions even if none has abandoned cart. Retailers can keep customers visiting their site again by declaring offers on the related goods, new additions to the same range of products, price drops etc.

All in all, you need to some dynamic customer-oriented strategies to retain your visitors and convert them into active leads. Other powerful strategies include enhancing site load times, straightforward navigation, filtered searches, stock notifications, customer reviews for each product and so forth.

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