Creating an online store with the help of ecommerce platforms has become an easy task in today’s era. You need to find a suitable platform that can meet your business needs and you are ready to go. But along with the business needs, you should also take a look at the features provided by the platform. One of the major features involved in the process of creating an online store. An online shopping cart for an ecommerce store makes the process more comfortable for the customers as well as the merchants. It may happen that the shopping cart provided by the platform is not good enough which might have adverse effects on the entire business. Thus, a thorough check of the shopping cart features is also necessary. Not all the ecommerce store owners are aware of the necessary requirements of a shopping cart.

For your help, here is a list of the four essential features that every shopping cart should have for being the preferred choice of customers. This can help to offer seamless shopping and boost conversions on an ecommerce store.

Convenience of users– To have loyal customers who visit and purchase from your store, it is necessary to have an easy to use the online shopping cart. Online buyers usually do not prefer clicking multiple times to complete the checkout process. Thus, the shopping cart for your online store should be flexible enough to manage the entire product purchase and checkout process smoothly and help in improving the experience of the customers. A single click and seamless checkout are often the things what customers look for as a convenient option.

Multiple payment options– There was a time when customers preferred cash on delivery payment option. But nowadays they have started making online transactions for the products that they buy. As online transactions have become an easy option for the users, the online shopping cart that you choose should have multiple payment options including net banking facility, credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets etc. Also various offers and discount available on bank cards and mobile wallets encourage users to pay through an online transaction. A customer might leave your site on the checkout page if they don’t find their preferred payment mode. Thus, ensure that your online store offers multiple payment modes to the customers.

Security from intruders– As the Internet provides you with the easiest ways to explore various platforms; it also gives the scope to intruders for attacking. As customers choose to pay using multiple online payment modes, they share their confidential data like passwords, card number etc. If ever a customer loses his money due to security issues present in the ecommerce store, he will surely not visit the site again and also recommend the same to others. Choosing an online shopping cart with in-built SSL encryption is essential for ensuring security as it is the most crucial issue and needs to be handled with utmost care.

Product review facility– Attractive product images can surely grab the attention of customers and convince them to buy the product. The product review facility can help the customers to know the opinion of the customers who have already used the product. Thus, they can make a firm decision regarding the purchase of the product. Online shopping cart system which does not provide the feature of product reviews is likely to be rejected by customers as they may not feel confident about the product quality. Thus missing out the product review facility can affect the sales of your online business.

Pre-developed carts included in the package of an ecommerce platform provider are much beneficial and result in better ROI. All the features mentioned can help you in saving your cart from being abandoned. Thus, your motive should be to choose an online platform that provides the pre-developed cart facility which can make your business successful.

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