If you want to make money with banner ads, then you have to go beyond the contextual advertising networks. In some cases, contextual advertising simply does not work and requires that you to exercise greater control regarding what is seen in the ad area. This is where you need to use the ad networks.

Compared to their heydays towards the end of 1990s, banner advertising payment rates have without doubt plummeted. However, there is a bit of good news for website owners searching for a reliable and flexible way to make money. These ads have evolved over time to bring with them many different options as well as variations for web masters.

When you team up with a top banner advertising network as opposed to intensive marketing to different clients, it saves you lots of time and gives you a steady income flow in the end. The amount of money that starts trickling in is a beautiful game of numbers – the more relevant advertisements you show, the more you make money with banner ads. Your work is just to implement certain codes in your banner area and the ad(s) will appear. When you associate with these networks, you will be referred to as a publisher or affiliate.

You however need to be careful when selecting a banner ad network; otherwise your effort towards making money with banner ads will stall. Many companies can promise the world, only to disappoint you when the return comes back as zero. Others may encourage very unethical advertising practices, and yet others may fail to pay according to the agreed terms and conditions. Even worse, some of these companies may fail to pay anything altogether.

Ensure that you read terms and conditions before signing with any banner ad company, at least so that you don’t break the rules without knowing them. You want to make money so shop around carefully because payout rates are different between networks. Besides that, check for an ad network that offers different advertising creatives like pop-up, pop-under, interstitial and more means of making money from your site.

Although you may not generate a million dollars via banner ads, they are still good means to recover website maintenance overheads as well as stack some cash in the bank. Well, if you actually generate a million dollars from our pieces of advice, donations will be thankfully accepted. This may not happen, so the best approach here is to target a modest return.

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