Introduction: what is ecommerce

Before I try to explain to you what is ecommerce, I want to define one thing: it doesn’t matter if your ecommerce has born from an existing store or it is a brand new one.  In both cases, it would be necessary to re-think and re-shape the structure from ground:


What is ecommerce? It is more productive

A digital online business is usually more productive (when a business function is digitized in productivity, human resources, process digitalization) than a traditional or offline business. The speed of development and management is much higher and the investments required are often lower than in a traditional business. One of the essential requirements, when a business is started, is to conduct a market investigation to identify the competition:


What is ecommerce? It can be differentiated and viralized

So we can differentiate our business from untapped advantages.
If we achieve a major competitive difference, it will be:

The Internet is like a book that tells the details of each of your competitors because everything is on the net. Different business, novel, breakdowns (with what exists so far) get the virality of their customers, suppliers, media and opinion leaders. This virality, from producing, can save you great investments in marketing. Example: the iPhone, iPad,198, Waze, Toyota Prius.

What is ecommerce? The most valuable thing is communication

The most important for an electro shop store is communication with customers and therefore all channels should be open and operational, telephone lines (widely advertised mostly on the mobile sites), chats, video conferences (smart telephones case), email, tape or any of the instant messaging alternatives and of course and gaining increasing importance for the company’s profiles on social networks, and if any, to the communication tools of each of them, either direct messages or instant messaging (as in the case of Facebook).
Automated robots are performing customer – care functions and they learn to improve their function. They’re animated and Personalizable images. Although they were widely used by the great players, it is now more difficult to find them with the frequency they used to. You can find one of these exemptions (called Irene) on the Renfe Web site. The truthfulness and clarity are two key pillars when you don’t have your client in front.

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