One of the most effective ways to create highly engaging and quality ads is by adding relevant and eye-catching images. This is especially true for those who are trying to sell through their website and blogs. Adding great images to your blog posts are known to create a wide appeal to readers because it speaks to them beyond what they see. Adding images have been found to give a number of benefits which immediately boost your blog post, advertisement and website’s appeal.

What are some exact reasons why you should include high quality images to your advertisement:

People are Highly Visual

Our brains are more capable of processing visual information. Hence, it makes more sense to use this tactic to enhance the power of your advertising message. When an image is seen, it starts the process internally in your viewer as they begin to ask themselves “what does this mean to me”? Do I relate to this image, can I be like the person in this image, can I own that item also. Additionally, many people lose focus quickly. They lose interest in reading your content if it’s too long. If they don’t quickly know what’s in it for them they will move on. Your target audience does not have all the time in the world to read, they want to understand if your message is for them. This is where images pack a lot of power. Images can hold your reader’s attention, while your chosen words work their magic to ensure your visitor reads and engages further.

Making Your Own Images

Producing great images is actually quite easy. You may not be a competent photographer but you don’t have to be. With the advancement in cameras today, some of which are right in your phone, you are bound to have one or more good shots that are worthy of publication. To pack even more punch, fire up your image editing software such as Photoshop, and combine two or more images for even greater effectiveness. You can add amazing filtered effects like feathered edges, or colored text captions that will work to increase engagement.

The Use of Stock Photos

Stock photo websites are also quite amazing when it comes to providing high quality images for any topic. With these photo sites, a simple search can result in images based on an exact match. Are you advertising an exercise product, then try searching for: man, tall, sneakers, sunset and running. Increasing the search parameters will yield an even better match. Best yet, you can purchase these images for less than $1.00 a piece.

Additionally you can also use these images to share on your social networking sites. You goal is to create emotion in the viewer which will make them more inclined to continue engaging. If they feel an emotion such as hope, love, peace, or inspiration you will be able to keep their attention that much longer. These potential customers will then continue to see what else you are offering. The more interest, the more interaction, the more leads and the greater the chance for a sale.

Images used in ads, and blogs work great because they create direct impact and can open the door to the rest of the information you are offering. When you carefully choose your images, it can paint a deeper picture in your message, which makes it work far beyond just simple words. Add well polished and professional images on your advertisement and make your advertisements more effective instantly.

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