You can under no circumstances have enough, leads that is. E-mail marketing may perfectly be considered one of the most standard or traditional tools in website marketing. But it still is one of the mainly effective ways for any marketer to gain leads and potential customers for their online businesses. Like most tools out there, it’s how you use all of them that matters. Here are some ideas which you can use to boost your e-mail marketing success.

1. Increasing Open Rates.

Want to boost your open rates? Well, give them a cause to do so. By saying the benefit that they can obtain from reading your message, you can boost your open rates as much as 50%! Take this for example, “Free Shipping for Buys above $15 (Before The Month’s End ONLY!)” or “FREE Coupon Worthy of $$$ Inside” Bear in mind, your e-mail subject lines might always be related to your content. It could even be more successful if you can put in something that brings about some sense of great importance and urgency.

2. Limiting Typefaces.

Unless you’re marketing for a design company, maintain the number of distinct typefaces that you use at the time of your email marketing to a small percentage. The ideal amount would be 2 and at maximum 3. Nothing more. This is because using too many typefaces can make your content look like clutter and it will be harder to point out to your viewers which part of your content should they be paying out more focus on.

3. Visible Call-To-Action.

Your audience can’t reply to your call to action if they can’t see it in the first place. If you set up your call-to-action below the fold, let me tell you now that more than 60% of your followers will never see it. If your content fails to catch their attention all the way through, they will rarely scroll all the way to the bottom. The most effective is to put a call-to-action early on in the e-mail and anywhere above the fold. It’s also very good if you and repeat it at least 3 times in the e-mail. So the best, middle, and at last the bottom would be the lovely spots to place your Call-To-Action.

4. Pixel Perfect.

If your e-mails width is 700 pixels or more, than probabilities are your audience are going to have to use the lateral scroll bar to examine on what’s not showing up on display. It’s not a fantastic idea if they have to scroll horizontally just to read your meaning. It makes your meaning that much harder to read. Mainly because they need to scroll back to the left just after done reading the end of the sentence which is on the far right. You’ll expediently lose your visitors interest that way. And picture receiving these kinds of e-mails once again and again. Gradually they won’t even bother to read it any longer since it needs such effort. So the ideal way is to limit your email’s width to around 550-650 pixels. Let the only scrolling going on be the vertical one.

5. Include Your Company/Business Logo.

According to research which requires eye-tracking, viewers tend to scan the upper left-hand side of the e-mails they are studying for logos. So, it’s time to put your logo in that place and this is a decent excuse to show up with one if your logo doesn’t have one yet.

6. Auto-Responders For New Opt-Ins.

Usually, people in your list essentially forget they actually opt-in into it. Auto-Responders come in useful in these types of situations. You can set them to mail out e-mails to new customers in your list educating and reminding them that they in fact opted into your email list. Your should also prepare an email for your auto-responder to send valuable content or bonus material or download as a form of thanks and reward be give to those who opted in.

7. Maintaining The Theme.

Your landing page (or the page which they opted in) should have its equivalent theme, feel, and look mirrored in the e-mail you send out. That way, your visitors can instantly recognize the email they received. Plus, it will feel comfortable to them. Which is a good thing. People will be less distrustful and more trusting if they encountered something more knowledgeable to them.

8. Testing It Out.

Try sending your email(s) to some of your friends or associates and ask them for their honest opinion on what do they presume of it. Does it reach out to them? Can they relate? Are they able to quickly and easily determine the intended call-to-action? Bases on their thoughts you can further tweak your email to be more powerful before sending it out to the masses. Also it’s essential to make use of the use of monitoring tools to track which of your e-mails and also landing pages are performing better.

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