Email marketing conversion are created to motivate your user to complete action or make a purchase. One of the unique ways for growing your email list (and profits) is by creating email marketing funnels for all your products, services, events and more. Before we search for exactly how to use an email marketing funnel, let’s see about how to get more subscribers on your email list to start with. Sending extremely targeted, personalized messages is compulsory to your success and it comes to conversion email marketing funnels.

You should be clear with the goal you would like to achieve from your email campaign and also it should be relevant to customers needs and specific. In other words, the call to action should be clear. Below are few popular conversion funnel you can create:

Abandoned Cart:
When some customer starts leaving from your website but doesn’t complete their purchase, don’t let them go away. You should pursue with an abandoned cart that sends a series of messages created to motivate them and to complete their purchase. The message might say something that, “Did you forget to complete your purchase?” Then again one message could offer a discount or free shipping, and a last message could capitalize on the recipient’s fear of missing out if they don’t make the purchase.

Know Your Customer:
Always try to know your audience before you start an email marketing funnel customize to their needs. Develop in-depth customers personas – that will help you to make unique content decisions. Ask yourself the following questions: Why should anyone subscribe? What’s in it for the subscriber? How do engage them in the communication? The answers will help you to kickoff with a proper mindset and come up with compelling and useful content ideas.

Customer Loyalty Program: Create loyalty programs that gives benefit to your most valuable and loyal customers. For an example, when you can create a program that’s stimulate to start based on a user’s actions, and the user makes a purchase for the first, second, third, or any number of times you select. Messages in this funnel should explain how the loyalty program works and make your customer feel outstanding as a member of this incompatible group. Offering a discount when the receiver join the program to turn this into a conversion funnel that leads to a purchase right now.

Other than this you can also segment your email marketing list with open rate and un-subscriber list to get more clear view before sending your next email marketing campaign.

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