With businesses being more competitive nowadays, it seems like the target group of buyers or end users has shrunk. But in this advent of technology, email marketing has widened the closing perimeters of end users as the masses can be reached easily.

It is a common fact that almost everybody has a computer or two, either at home or at the office. iPods and Blackberries or just an ordinary cell phone with Internet capabilities suffice for any business to keep contact with its clientele. Even the young will not be spared from a company’s aggressive marketing as their inboxes are spammed with sale offers and product/service information. It is indeed a borderless marketing in today’s electronic world.

Marketing is made so much simpler for business through the use of electronic mailing, or E-mail. Many companies have resorted to E-mail marketing which is a direct form of marketing using technology to convey their companies’ products and services to anyone who has an email address that can be reached. Hence, even children are exposed to the electronic media offerings.

E-mails are an easy way to mass mail the companies’ promotional details or update the clients about the company’s status. E-mail marketing serves to establish or enhance the relationship between the merchant and its customers, which encourages loyalty and repeated business from the customers.

E-mail marketing is also very effective in growing the company’s customer database as the more customers you have on hand, the greater your chances of selling something to someone sometimes. This has proven to be an effective marketing tool in advertising to the masses, as its effectiveness can be tracked and evaluated for improvement. Feedback from customers can also be obtained easily as customers prefer to feedback from the comfort of their home or office instead of making a trip to the merchant or through snail mail. Customers are more inclined to provide suggestions and positive critique via e-mail in response to a marketing offer received which benefits the company in its research and improvement of products and services, as feedback from customers reflect an opportunity to secure the customer’s purchasing power.

E-mail marketing tools have advanced so greatly that there are options for the merchant and the customer to liaise with one another freely and easily; as in, the merchant can target certain groups of potential buyers depending on the products or services relevant to the customers without spamming and overflowing the customers’ inbox, which can anger and rile up the customer. This helps to establish a good reputation for the merchant who is seen as ethical and professional that is worthy of transacting business with.

E-mail marketing is very fast as e-mails can be sent within minutes. This cuts down the downtime of the company to improve productivity which should translate into increased revenue for the company.

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