Clients often complain about getting emails about a specific service offered by a company they subscribed to. Although it can get on some people’s nerves, it can also benefit the company in so many ways.

An email stating what your services are makes it easier for someone to just read it when it is sent to them. They could read it in their email inbox instead of having to go into your website. It’s convenient to read everything on a single page and summarised since most services have their own individual page on a website.

These helpful email newsletters are also beneficial as they are concise and to the point. You can choose the information you want to add in the newsletter and how it will be portrayed.

Don’t write the newsletter in a forceful way. Although you want to grab the attention of potential new clients you don’t want to scare them away either. Be humorous but to a point that doesn’t annoy people. People tend to react to words that may benefit them.

Readers also like the idea of key questions asked. Most people want to see an enquiry answered before they ask it. This means that you will now educate them on something they might not know and they don’t need to ask since the question is being answered.

You will also want to make sure that your company is not portrayed as a robot that has a timer for when an email has to be sent. People want information to be laid out in a user friendly way that is easy to view and understand. Sending a technical email is the same as trying to teach a child in grade seven about physics. Try to avoid heavy industry jargon and use simpler terms to engage with the reader.

Email newsletters may only work for your business if it’s done in such a way that doesn’t confuse or upset people. You need to have a sense of professionalism but humanity when dealing with people. Use general terms but avoid generalisations.

As an online marketer you have to be aware of what your clients and customers want to see. When it comes to offering your services to other people you have to remember that the client will always believe that they are right. Base your emails on this idea. Then you will have an insightful newsletter that the reader will enjoy reading because it is informative and can help them in some way.

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