Like food, books, and toiletries, skincare products are everyday essentials which many people, especially women, prefer to buy online than in-store.

Nowadays it’s rare to find a girl who can survive a day without a lipstick, moisturizer, and whatnot. Now now, this is not to suggest that women are increasingly becoming insecure or aren’t happy in their own skin.

That’s simply an observation of the skincare market which is expected to hit US$180 globally in six years.

Having said that, there’s no better time than now for online sellers of beauty products to put their goods in the forefront of a platform which will gain them more traction.

If you’re that seller, then I’m pretty sure that you showcase your skincare products in your own online beauty shop or on marketplaces or both.

However, the question is: how are your sales?

There may be a strong demand for what your business offers, but if it’s not out there for the beauty market to consume, your chances of making a sale are slimmer than slim.

Take advantage of a platform the world knows; choose the go-to place for reputable brands.

Yes, Amazon and eBay may be giant retailers, but they offer a wide range of categories, making your product a bit difficult, if not impossible, to be seen.

Consider something like Zalando as their proposition is aligned with yours.

Beauty is the core of business

After four long years, Zalando rolled out a beauty category that pushed their revenues for the first quarter of 2018 by as much as 22% to €1.2 billion, or £1.05 billion in pound sterling.

Despite the challenging market environment, they’ve managed to achieve that thanks to the growing demand for beauty products.

More than 4,000 products from 130 skincare and makeup brands are available on the new category to complement high fashion wear.

Aside from big brands, Zalando are working towards getting niche brands that haven’t established their online presence in Europe yet.

If that sounds like you, then you’ve found yourself the perfect channel to grow your customer base. Why, the fashion retailer’s active customers have increased to 23.9 million from 3.5 million last year.

Zalando Co-CEO Rubin Ritter said their beauty category will position them as a one-stop destination for fashion and lifestyle, adding:

“We see Beauty as a really big opportunity long-term in different dimensions. First of all, as a revenue opportunity, there is an €80 billion total Beauty market in Europe.

“Secondly, we see this as a really smart cross-sell opportunity. And then thirdly, we see it as an opportunity to engage our customers even more, so to create more and more reasons for customers to come out to our site more frequently and also to shop more frequently, as you know that has been a strategic priority for us over the last years as well.”

Majority of Zalando’s customers shop with their mobile devices, as reflected in their mobile visit share which jumped 76.6%.

Get started now

Unlike other marketplaces that sell multitudes of products under various categories and subcategories, this one we’re talking about is exclusive to fashion items.

If you have great products that fall under clothing, shoes, sportswear, or accessories, Zalando is the perfect place to sell them.

However, you must offer free delivery and returns, a 100-day returns policy, and shipping with Hermes.

Most important of all, you must have your own online store, which I presume you already have, otherwise you won’t be eligible to sell your products.

What you offer defines the style and character of every woman, so it shouldn’t be placed everywhere but on a supplemental platform that guarantees you a generous slice of the beauty market.

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