New types of search engines are emerging all over the Internet. While search engine optimization is boom for general searches, industries are creating relevant search engines of sorts for their products. I’ve noticed inventory-like searches appearing. I mean people are buying cars offline, on Craigslist or used car dealerships’ websites. Marine parts are available online. There isn’t anything you can’t purchase online. Thanks to search engines, I swear.

Marine parts can be searched by brand, parts, new and used. Don’t forget accessories, either. Accessories can mean a new anchor, boat lights, propellers, even rafts you attach to the back of the boat for summer boating outings.

Right now its winter time, but keeping boats in tip top shape throughout the winter is a priority. I would hope boat owners car about their boats and do effective cleaning to avoid rust and any buildup. But when spring comes back around, you and your boat will need to be ready for tune ups most likely. Maybe new parts? So, the bigger question is do you buy new or used? This question involves a few more questions to help make a final decision on old or new:
1. Is it a running motor? Don’t buy an old motor just because it is a low price. Make sure it works and is the correct model for your boat.
2. Check for model or serial number plate missing, this is usually an indication of a stolen part.
3. How old is the motor? Did the previous owner use it several times or did the boat sit for most of the summer? This can determine wear and tear.
4. For new boats, research other owners responses. Is it quality? Is it worth the price?

New parts, new anything, is always nice. Who doesn’t love new things? It is just sometimes not worth the price of what a pre-owned part or refurbished part is worth. Completely off topic, but I can give an instance of purchasing a refurbished computer over a brand new one because it had the same features at a lower cost. I saved probably $300 purchasing a refurbished laptop. Buying pre-owned marine parts is similar. Sometimes it is worth it.

Outboard motors are important contributors to the entity of the boat. So, you don’t want to buy cheap, either. It can be difficult, overwhelming. This is the part where you ask the professionals. Going back to the beginning of the article, search engines will bring you to marine part websites that usually have an online inventory and a location to ask the expert. Choosing a brand alone can be difficult: Suzuki? Yamaha? Evinrude? Choices!

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