Poor online reputation can damage the sales of a company, and many marketing executes fail to understand it. Negative search results can have a great impact on a company’s bottom line, no matter the enterprise is big or small. A good company never underestimates the cost of a poor reputation. So, it can be said that online reputation management has a large impact on the company’s income. Here are a few insights, answers and advices that can help experts to protect and keep up a good online reputation of their company.

Some Common Online Reputation Issues

A very common complaint that many businesses make “Why there are lots of bad stuff about their company online, why people are saying bad about them and what they can do to overcome this issue?” It takes years to build a good brand reputation, but it just takes a few months to spoil that reputation. If you suddenly wake up one day and see slanderous remarks appearing online about your company, it can affect your company’s revenue. It can be beyond unsettling, specifically when the items move beyond constructive criticism to take in outrageous allegations. Moreover, these negative remarks about the company are often on websites that rank high on search engines, so if anyone searches your company’s name, he/she will probably see all these negative reviews. These remarks, real or fake, can put the company’s online reputation in danger. Sometimes, it gets more expensive and difficult to clean up negative reputation and start building good reputation from the scratch.

Key Reputation Management Tactics

Create A Search Engine Results Page: You cannot be satisfied with just a handful of links at the top of a search engine results page. You have to take complete benefit of your search engine result pages by taking full control of it from top to bottom.

Be Active Socially: Create social media profiles of your brand and connect with the people. This will prove beneficial than anything else. You need to claim your brand name on social networks and update them on the regular basis. This will give you a bigger online presence and help you to control more spots in search engine result pages. The most popular social profiles that actually prove useful are: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more.

Blogging: Blogging is another way to get your company’s name on the web. You need to develop your blog with positive, professional information about the industry trends, company’s products, support issues and other related topics. Some positive information about your brand also attracts more traffic than static websites, so it proves beneficial for your lead generation.

Post Press Releases: Having an active PR strategy is also important as you cannot completely depend on “company news.” You have to find out some unique ways of using your products. You can also publicize your partners and sponsored events.

How To Hire An Online Reputation Management Professional?

A reputable professional always has a successful track record to show. This should include baseline Google rankings (before) and “after” results. Ranking of negative web pages should be moved down in the results, and replaced by positive or neutral information about the company. You should also ask the tactics that these professionals will use to improve the online reputation. These strategies must include off-site search engine optimization, public relations campaigns and a stronger social media presence.

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