Truth be told you are not alone if you said yes to having a big email list and lacking sales, or even having a small email list and lacking sales!

If the term “The Money Is In The List” were true, then spammers would be the richest people on the web, but that just isn’t the case.

Most email marketers that have a large list but zero sales lack a few key points when it comes to the emails they send.

Really, it seems they want the easy button, which is, send my list some half assed email (that is short), and send them right to some link that pushes a product.

How many of these types of emails do you see in your junk folder? (dozens everyday right)…

Now on the opposite end of the spectrum you have people wasting their time sending content. Pure value with no call to action, usually a blog, article, podcast or something similar, which in turn leads to absolutely zero sales.

The key is to intertwine these two styles of email marketing, making your emails entertaining, yet valuable. Most have missed the boat when they think of what is valuable content and what is not. People do in fact find entertainment valuable, just ask producers of reality tv shows. Zero education, just drama and entertainment, and yes their ratings are sky-high. The ratings of your emails can also be sky-high amongst your list and still sell your product if you use the right methods.

The world of email marketing has changed drastically over the last few years. The days of “You’ve got mail” are long gone and so is most people’s excitement to check their inbox. If you want to earn money from your list, which you should, otherwise you’re wasting your time you need to follow a few key points.

3 Keys to increasing your sales:

#1 – Make your email personal. Write to a single person, avoid writing to your entire list. What I mean here is the language you use, avoid things like, All of you, you guys/girls etc. Think singular, think you are writing to a friend.

#2 – Use stories in your emails. Stories have been the bread and butter of communication and selling since the stone age. And let’s remember, people what to live vicariously through you, (reality tv) and escape their boring monotonous lives even for a brief moment.

#3 – Always use a call to action to a sales page. People are on your list to solve a problem. A blog post, podcast, article are used to get people on your list not to sell them a product. Nor is a small piece of content going to fix their problem, only your product or solution can truly solve their issue, (let them have it!)

Look closely at the next email you send to your list and ensure you hit these key points, if you missed any, go back and re write.

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