One of the worst things you can ever possibly do when it comes to email marketing is flat-out steal someone else’s content.

It’s seriously wrong.

Never, ever, EVER do it.

Plus, as well as being a con-artist (it’s blunt, but it’s true – after all, you’re tricking your email list into believing that you’ve written the content when you haven’t), you’re also making things a lot harder for yourself when it comes to making money from your email marketing.

How so?

Because if you write like yourself, with your own unique personality, then I almost guarantee you’ll make a lot more money with your emails.

But, yeah… Whatever you do, don’t swipe. You’re doing a major disservice to the person who wrote it originally. And you’re also doing a major disservice to your email list for the reason I just mentioned.

Yet it’s a real shame people even think about swiping other people’s content.

I mean, where are their morals?

Though as I said, they’re not doing themselves any favors, so they’ll lose out the most in the end, anyway.

And if they get found out, that’s their reputation down the drain.

Their loss. Good riddance.

But, the thing is, I know why these people steal from others…

Quite simply, it’s because they don’t actually know how to write great emails themselves.

If they did, then they’d have no need to be an email thief.

So what’s the best email marketing tip I’ve got for you?

What’s the best email marketing strategy which will see you make a lot of money from your email list?

Well, it’s to do daily email.

Yes, really.

If you want to make as much money as possible from your email marketing, then you need to write to your email list every single day of the week.

No excuses.

In terms of what to write, that’s easy…

Just make sure your emails provide both value and entertainment.

If they do, then your email marketing should be very profitable indeed.

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