Just about everyone claims to be part of the best ad networks. There are many different advertising networks that you can partner with in your quest to make money online. The benefit of using a good network is it will offer you their experience and it will also help your business grow. Let us look at some of the best ad networks that you can partner with.

Pulse Point

This network does not require you to have domain white list and it accept all websites as well. Using Pulse Point, you set and ask for a certain price for the inventory you might be having. After you set the price, the publisher will now have the authority to set their minimum CPM (Cost Per Thousand views). You are also entitled to set the Performance price’ and this will enable the Pulse Point to determine the amount that you are likely to receive from the back up tag.

Value Click

This network is also categorized as one of the best ad networks and it’s worth checking out as it can serve almost in all geographical regions. Using this network, it is important that you set your passback tags. You can do this in the back end interface, but for you to maximize your performance and increase the fill rate, turn on all the campaigns. They are the ones that will lead to increase performance.

Google AdSense

This network is one that is the most popular and most widely used because it is easy to set up. Also, because it is part of Google, it is a well established network. However, you have to comply with Google advertising guidelines, which are very strict and can be a bit cryptic at times. In other words, sometimes Google will not allow a particular ad and the reason given may not be overly clear as to why it was denied. One major benefit is AdSense is a publisher of all sizes. The ads normally target your content and display either image-rich ads, text ads or both but this will depend on your preference. You can customize the text ads so that they match your site. This is one of the best ad networks that you have to look at.

Other best ad networks they can consider to partner with include:

• TribalFusion

• Googla Ad Exchange

• OpenX

• Specific media

With these networks, you will be able to make money online at your home with much ease.

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