While one works over a website there is so much that one needs to take care of so as to get it settled properly up and among those is the thing which we know by the name of SEO. There are so many of those techniques which can be of help in this and make the person capable of making their site all according to the needs of Google.

Now, the question that arises over here is that how can one know about whether the tactics that they are applying to a website is working for good or not? Obviously, it is important to discover the results and condition of website time to time so as to make more of the improvements for getting people involved and attracted.

So, in answer to which there are some of those indications which can be of use to people to know about that current performance of the website and thus make changes all according to the same, which is also been used by many of the professionals to improve the quality.

Read on to know about these top five indicators and also learn about how you can apply these methods to make your website go well.

Loading speed: Starting over with the point which is really necessary to look over while one works over a website to get a maximum of those best results out of it. Now, what is this point actually about? You know every other internet company like Google nowadays is just looking forward in providing best of the service to their customers including also the website which has that good and fast loading speed.

Obviously, there is not even that single of a person out there who have now that much patience to wait for a minute to look for the results and especially when there is that high-speed internet connection provided to every single person clearly indicating how important it is to have that good loading speed. Thinking about what is that preferable speed that is a must for a website to work well? It’s 500 milliseconds!

Rate of crawled pages per day: Now, this and that point about loading speed are those two points which as a combination indicates that whether the website one is working upon is going good with its organic search and users or not, thus making people know that what all they need to take care of in website so as to make it go well. So, know that if you have those less number of crawled pages per day and also your loading time is not good then you cannot expect Google to make it rank higher.

Indexed pages versus Sitemap pages: There may be some cases when the number of pages in Sitemap is different from those which are being indexed and also know that this difference might range from those really smaller ones to higher numbers. Surprising! No? What do you think can be the reason behind all this? Well, there might be so many of those reasons which can make this happen making it impossible for Google to crawl on all of those pages which are being mentioned in Sitemaps such as duplicate content, slow page speed or much more. So, it is important that while submitting the content to the website you make sure that it is worth of being published.

Crawled versus Indexed pages: Now this is that another important point to look over while discovering the performance of a website, this basically tells about those numbers of pages that are being crawled and indexed per day, also which works upon a value of 10/1 as being identified by many of those websites. On while working over their website should give that special attention to this thing about how is Google over this ratio of crawled and indexed pages.

Structured Data: This is the indicator which can also be called by the name of health indicator as it is much better than those which tells about the pages that are being compared through sitemaps or number of indexed pages. It is also said that the wide structured data is actually a good indication as it tells about how good is website working for the search engine so that which can make it ranked higher by Google.

So, described above are top of those indicators which can be looked over to find out that whether the website one is looking forward to is working good with organic search or not, but while looking over these one should know that this concept doesn’t really work for small website which is incapable of providing good amount of data.

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