Some of your subscribers will report your email as spam even though they did subscribe to your list. This is one reason why you need to send messages to your list on a routine basis. If you only send emails sporadically, your subscribers will forget that they subscribed and may report your emails as spam.

Here are some suggestions to lessen the chance that your subscribers will report your messages as spam.

• Never send your email messages to anyone unless they have subscribed to your list. While spam laws say it is not against any regulations to send messages to past or current customers, these people did not specifically subscribe to your list so they may report your emails as being spam.

• Never send any email to a list that you have purchased. These people did not opt-in to receive anything from you so your chances of some of these people reporting you as a spammer are greatly increased. It is NEVER a good idea to purchase a list of leads, no matter what you’ve been told about the subscribers on the list.

• Don’t mislead your potential subscribers. Let them know exactly what they will receive. Don’t use manipulative subject lines just to get subscribers. Tell them at the end of every message you send that you will be sending promotional emails.

• In the opening paragraph or end of your messages, remind your subscribers that they agreed to receive emails from you. You could say something like:

You are receiving this email because you agreed to receive emails from me through a double op*t-in procedure. Details are available upon request.

If you no longer wish to rece*ive any comm*unication from me, just cli*ck on the unsubscribe link at the end of this email.

PLEASE NOTE: The above statement includes asterisks in known spam words.

• Don’t type whole words or phrases in all capital letters. Since this is how the Nigerian Bank Scam emails are sent, typing in caps may get your message forwarded to a blacklist. Beside which, since a word or phrase all in caps is considered shouting, you don’t want your subscribers thinking you are yelling at them.

• Capitalize the beginning word of every sentence. Use good grammar, proper punctuation, and always proofread your messages. You want your messages to look professional as an unprofessional looking email is more likely to arouse the suspicions of your readers.

• Include great content so that your subscribers look forward to your next email. If your subscribers feel that you are providing excellent content, they will be less likely to report your emails as spam.

• Always tell your subscribers how they can unsubscribe. You will want to tell them that they can easily unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the message.

• Provide your contact information just in case your subscriber has any problems. Be sure to answer any questions, problems, and/or complaints as quickly as possible. If your response time is 24 hours or longer, be sure to tell them that. Not only will this to prevent your subscribers from reporting your message as spam, but will also help in building a solid relationship with them.

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