Launching a new company means, you need to make the most of exposure to garner a client base. However, in the digital space you will be facing millions of competitors who are in the same business. So what is a new brand to do especially if you are strapped for cash? Here is when digital marketing strategies can either make or break your company.

Social media is your friend

Almost everyone is on social media now. Thus, it is not surprising that brands are trying to make the most of social networking sites to connect with consumers. Not only is social media cost effective, but it is also a direct link to your target demographic. The first rule of making the most of social media would be to be a consistent presence. Try your best to post content regularly, as this is a way of establishing your online presence. Additionally, ensure that your posts have a uniformed identity. This means do not digress from what your overall brand message is.

When using social media as a digital strategy, keep in mind that this is all about the customer. Companies that fail at social media are those that primarily use these avenues for promotional content trying to boost their brand. Nobody wants to go through a new feed constantly reading about what you offer and how your brand is the best. Instead, engage your online followers with information that they will find interesting and that they would like to share with their own social circles. Promotional content can be thrown in once in a while, but it should never be your main focus.

Talk to your customers. Brands that have a large social following tend to be those that make a human connection with their customer base. Interact with them as valuable members of your brand rather than treating them as an audience your regurgitating content to. By interacting with your followers you also get a chance to learn what areas to improve on with your brand and how best to serve them.

Invest in your social platforms

With digital marketing, most start-ups do not realise that there are numerous opportunities to invest in your social media. These different options offer their own set of positives and negatives depending on the scope of your business. Here are a few examples of investment opportunities on the different social platforms:

Facebook Pay to Play
Sponsored tweets on Twitter
Premium services from LinkedIn

Never underestimate the power of content

One of the most underrated aspects of digital marketing is content. Yet this is what will determine whether you elicit and interest from your audience or not! Why does content remain pertinent? It is because this is what drives your brand’s message. If your content is not well formulated, then your target demographic will not understand it and the message will not be passed on. If your content is boring, then your message will be overlooked and your brand will fail online. Before deciding what content you will be publishing online, you need to critically think about the message and see if it effectively fits with your bran image. Secondly, do not skimp on content creation. Investing in writers who understand digital marketing is vital, as they will come up with the appropriate messaging for your brand.

Do not neglect your internal pages

Once you get visitors to your site, you need to try your best to get them to respond to your call to action. The best way of doing this is including tools into your internal pages that will tempt your visitors to respond to your site. Some of the tools and services that you could use include:

Google analytics to establish your visitors’ paths around your site and use this to make the experience more user friendly for them.

MailChimp to boost your drip campaigns.

Affordable cart services to make it easier for customers to purchase goods and services directly from your site.

There are numerous other digital strategies that you could employ to try to increase your online presence. Learning what works best for your business and seeking out options that will not break the bank will put you well on your way to having a successful online brand.

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