These are some of the attributes of the best Android and iOS payment gateway that you should know about.

Easy integration- When it comes to integrating a payment gateway with your mobile website or mobile app, on either Android or on iOS it is slightly different. The platform in the case of mobile apps is not the same as that of a web store. Hence, the best payment gateway providers like E-Billing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (EBS), part of Ingenico Group integrate it seamlessly. Same day activation should be kept in mind when finalizing a payment gateway service provider.

Fastest go to market- Time is money in the world of business as we all know, and if you are spending a lot of time on the online activation of an Android or iOS payment gateway system, then you are surely going to lose a lot of customers. Hence you should always pick a service provider that guarantees online activation in in or less than 24 hours.

Autopay- This is a feature that really matters in determining the user experience. When your customers are done browsing through the site and selecting the items they want to purchase, they usually want to get through the payment process quickly. Now, if the payment gateway provides the option of saving the card details then a customer will not have to enter the credentials every time when making a payment; rather, the amount will get debited from the account automatically and instantly in a secure manner. So, it certainly adds a lot of comfort to your online customers.

Customized experience- Not all mobile sites are same in terms of their design and layout. Especially For this reason, the elements of the design included on the payment page of your mobile site or app definitely matters. So, if you are allowed to customize the elements, such as texts, font, background color, payment options, logo, etc. then you will be able to come up with a better experience for your customers. So, those were some of the major aspects you need to look for when finalizing a mobile payment gateway for your mobile website Android or iOS app. Going with reputed service providers can surely add more agility to your e commerce business. References can certainly provide you a lot of assistance in this regard, which in turn will make the selection process easier and smoother for you.

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