Email marketing is still the single most effective form of online marketing. People check email frequently throughout the day and read, respond and buy things due to emails sent.

Email addresses are special and personal. When someone gives you their email address use it wisely. When you have a specific email list, you can add value to the lives of your subscribers very easily by delivering them information that is important to them.

But email inboxes are busy. You want your emails to be read and for your audience to actually look forward to getting an email message from you. Here are 7 ways you can create effective email marketing messages.

1. Personalize

Putting your subscriber’s name at significant points in your email message can bring the information home in new way. You want each email to sound personal to the recipient instead of like a mass email. But don’t over use personalization as it can get a bit creepy when you read it.

2. Invite Your Subscribers To Other Channels

People do sometimes forget to open their email, so invite them to your social media channels, too. Invite them to follow you, like you, friend you and be in your groups.

3. Write Eye-Catching Subject Lines

Each subject line should explain what’s inside the email message so that the recipient wants to open it. Put yourself in your audience’s place and recognize who you’re writing the subject line for.

4. Only Send Useful Emails

If you’ve nothing to say or offer of value then don’t send an email just to send an email. Of course you don’t want to wait too long between emails but try to make every message beneficial for your audience.

5. Use Your Real Name

The days of being mysterious on the internet are gone for good. You need to use your real name in the return field. People will be more likely to open the message if it’s from a real person.

6. Add Value

You want your audience to open your emails because they know they’ll learn something really valuable by reading it. Everything should be put in the words that make your subscribers feel important and that you’ve thought about them.

7. Test Test Test

Take the time to use split testing (also called A/B testing) to help you identify the best subject lines, the best time of day to send an email and the types of offers your audience responds to.

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