1) Keep it simple, stupid

You want to “kiss” your emails all over.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to smother your computer screen in kisses.

Instead “kiss” is a little acronym. It means “keep it simple stupid”. And you need to remember it every time you write an email.

So what do I mean by simple? Well, for a start, don’t go using “flash” words. Don’t go writing fancy sentences. Don’t go making your emails look all “arty”.

Just keep it simple.

2) Entertain

If email marketing had its own “anthem”, then Robbie Williams’ “Let Me Entertain You” would be it.

Look, there’s a reason you enjoyed going cinema as a kid. And there’s a reason you didn’t enjoy school: Everybody prefers entertainment over learning. So be a good Samaritan. Give the people what they want. Entertain ’em.

3) Give value

Of course, you’re not a comedian.

You’re a business person.

A business person who needs to put food on the table.

And a business person who wants to go on luxury holidays, drink lots of fine wine, drive a flash car… you get the picture.

So to do all this, you need to make sales.

And to make sales, you can’t JUST entertain. You need to give your prospects value, too. So keep the following formula in mind and you won’t go far wrong:

Entertainment + Value = Cash in the bank

4) Inspire

People love to be inspired.

So inspiring people in your emails is a great way to get ’em to take action and buy.

Telling rags-to-riches stories are great ways at doing this. Similarly, so are telling stories where someone had to endure pain (emotionally or physically) before turning their situation around and then prospering. These types of stories inspire people because they’re easy to resonate with.

Try it in your next email.

5) Have a unique personality

People buy people.

And actually, this is even MORE relevant when selling to your email list.

Why? Because people’s inboxes get flooded with “uber-professional” emails all the time. You don’t want to do this. Because these emails get deleted en-masse. I mean, think about it… Do YOU want to waste even a minute reading something that could have been written by a robot?

Course you don’t. And neither do your prospects.

So have a personality.

6) Be snappy

You don’t want to ramble in your emails.

People have low attention spans. And if you ramble, people WILL stop reading. And of course, if they stop reading, then they won’t buy.

Though that’s not to say your emails NEED to be short. If you need to write a longer one to get your point across, then that’s fine.

But if you can make your point (whilst still being entertaining, giving value, and showing off your personality) in less than 250/300 words, then great. Do that.

7) Write about things that interest your market

Pretty obvious you’d think?

But you’d be amazed at how many people don’t do this. I mean, they THINK they’re writing stuff that interests them. But they’re not.

Why? Because, quite simply, they don’t actually **know** what interests them. They’re jus’ guessing. And when it comes to sales and marketing, guessing is your biggest enemy.

So how do you know what things interest your market? How do you know what topics will get your prospects salivating at the thought of receiving your next email? (And then, of course, wanting to buy from you.)

Good question.

The answer: It all comes down to knowing your market inside-out.

In fact, knowing all this about your market is actually the number one most important step in the whole sales process.

You’ll know what motivates your market…

You’ll know what sort of products and services they want…

You’ll know what to write about that interests them…

And you’ll know what to write about that persuades them to buy…

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